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Texas Food Gift Baskets

Did you know that the state slogan of the Texans is ‘It’s like a whole other country’ and their state motto is ‘friendship’? Interesting, and they also say everything’s ‘Bigger’ in Texas. The same can be said about their Gift baskets, I suppose. Nowhere in the world have I seen the kind of baskets that the Texans use, for instance a fourth of July basket is shaped like Uncle Sam’s hat, complete with the stars and stripes. They know how to be creative, those Texans really do. Therefore, it doesn’t come as a surprise that their Texas Food Gift Baskets are a rage all over America.
If you are going to gift somebody a Texas Food gift basket then don’t even bother with regular baskets, pick out a nice fancy one shaped like a cowboy’s hat, buckets or a gift wrapped box. Remember they have to be bright and more decorative than regular baskets. The Next step is of course what food do you include in your gift basket. Lets take a look-:
  • Texan Wines-: Texas is very famous for its wineries and vineyards. The Texas wine industry has positively been booming over the last decade or so. For the inhabitants of Texas, they don't take it just as a wine. They consider wine and wine production as their daily routine that makes it more familiar and simpler than other wine producing regions like Napa Valley or Sonoma Valley. Texas Hill Country joined hands with other wine yielding regions like Paso Robles and Long Island to deliver delicate wine experiences blended with regional wine making techniques. Therefore, no matter what food you include in your Texas food gift basket, ensure that it has a bottle of good Texan wine.

  • My feeling about chili is this: ‘Along in November, when the first northern strikes, and the skies are gray, along about five o'clock in the afternoon, I get to thinking how good chili would taste for supper. It always lives up to expectations. In fact, you don't even mind the cold November winds." Lady Bird Johnson, U.S. First Lady Can you really ignore chili con carne after that? It is the state dish of Texas and no food basket is complete without it, even if it’s just the canned version.

  • Tortilla Chips and Salsa-: Even though they were first made in Los Angeles, Tortilla chips are inextricably linked to the food culture in Texas, particularly because they are the official ‘state snack’. They’ve also become an integral part of the tex-mex fare. Include in your food basket, tortilla chips, you get different varieties spiced with jalapenos and peppers, and also include some salsa, homemade or otherwise.

  • And of course the classic Texas Food Gift basket would be the one which includes all the spices and peppers necessary for fixing a good chili and dips. These are easily available at the local stores, and the dips you could either make at home or purchase from the store.

Texas food gift baskets not only make a good gift for Texans but also the Texan wannabe’s or anybody else who is dearly fond of Texas.