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Scottish Food Gift Basket
Scotland is well known as a source of quality seafood and fish produce. Although the Deep fried Mars bar is jokingly said to exemplify the modern Scottish diet, Scottish cuisine offers such traditional dishes as haggis, Buccleuch Scotch beef, the Arbroath Smokie, salmon, venison, cranachan, bannock, Scotch Broth and shortbread. Like Ireland, Scottish Cuisine has largely been ignored due to the overwhelming influence of the British. This is the reason why many a people feel that
Scottish food is nothing to write home about. On the contrary, Scottish food has its specialties that are quiet exquisite. And Of course the Scots are renowned for their Scotch and liqueurs. Here are some ideas for a truly delightful Scottish Food Gift Basket.
  • Buccleuch Scotch beef gift basket-: Though beef sounds like a rather unconventional gift item, buccleuch beef is an exception. Due to Scotland's most precious landscapes and with a family history that goes back to the times of King Robert the Bruce, the Buccleuch family has credentials that make the Buccleuch Foods brand unique. Their beef is traditionally reared from grass fed cattle and is carefully matured for a minimum of 21 days to ensure that you get the very best flavor and succulence. Be it their five rib roasts or premium steak burgers, you can be assured that you are getting Buccleuch quality. Put together a bunch of your favorite beef products to put together your very own buccleuch beef gift basket.

  • Arbroath Smokies gift basket-: Arbroath Smokies are a type of lightly smoked small haddock a specialty of the town of Arbroath in Angus, Scotland. Genuine Arbroath Smokies are prepared using traditional methods dating back to the late 1800s. The fish are first salted overnight to preserve them, then left tied in pairs to drooth (dry). Next, the dried fish are hung in a special barrel containing a hardwood fire and covered with a lid. After around an hour of smoking, the fish are golden brown and ready to eat. The preparation of Smokies remains a cottage industry in Arbroath, centered exclusively on the harbor area, known locally as the fit i'the toon (foot of the town). They are exported worldwide. Surely a gift basket of succulent Arbroath Smokies would make a wonderful gift.

  • Scotch Whisky gift basket-: Whisky has been produced in Scotland for hundreds of years. It is generally agreed that monks brought distillation with them when they came to Scotland to introduce Christianity in the fourth and fifth centuries. The first taxes on whisky production were imposed in 1644, causing a rise in illicit whisky distilling in the country. In 1823, Parliament eased the restrictions on licensed distilleries, while at the same time making it harder for the illegal stills to operate, thereby ushering in the modern era of Scotch production. Scotch whisky is divided into four distinct categories: single malt, vatted malt (also called "pure malt") blended and single grain. Fact is that Scotch whisky is considered the best in the world today and a gift basket of Scotch whisky would be a rather elite gift.