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Romantic Dining Ideas

The most common kind of date amongst married or single couples is Dinner. Makes sense too, we all need to eat and nobody likes eating alone. While you donít have to go all out and make each dinner an extremely romantic affair, (that would just scare of your partner!) it is nice to show your partner every once in a while how much you really appreciate them. And what better way to do that, than organizing a comfortable romantic dinner. Most people (forgive me, but it has to be said, particularly men) are all at sea when it comes to planning a Romantic Dinner, but easier than you think.
First of all, and here I am going to have to burst your bubble again, merely taking somebody to a fancy restaurant does not account for a Romantic meal. However with a little advanced preparation you can even make a simple meal at an average restaurant extremely special.

Hereís how-:
  • Bring flowers to the restaurant in advance and have waiter deliver them after dessert.
  • Arrange to have the musicians play "our song."
  • Pretend to go to the restroom and give the waiter some jewelry or other present to be hidden in the dinner rolls.
  • Go to the restaurant where you went on your first date (or proposed to her).
  • Have the host slip a special note or card in the menu.
  • Work with the chef in advance to prepare her favorite dishes (not all restaurants will do this).
  • Arrange to have the waiter bring a small gift or card with every course.

Romantic Dinner at Home
Stop using your culinary skills, or rather the lack of it as an excuse to not organize a romantic meal for your spouse, at home. Even if you are a nightmare in the kitchen, there are some easy to do recipes you can find on the internet or order food from a restaurant you know she likes though keep the menu simple. Order what you know your partner likes. While its nice to surprise your partner, ensure that they know you are up to something so that they keep themselves free on the said evening. Else it could be a disaster with him bowling with friends and you in your fancy paraphernalia watching the door!

Set the table in a way you donít usually do, bring out the crystal and the china. If you have ordered food from outside, ensure that itís transferred to nice looking bowls. Place arrangements of your partnerís favorite flowers on the table or elsewhere in the room. Use floating flowers interspersed with floating candles at the table if you have the space. Light the room with dim lights or scented candles.

Invest in a good bottle of Wine, or if you are celebrating something, go with Champagne. Select the music you wish to play beforehand. The key is to create a comfortable environment where your partner can relax and enjoy being in your company. It would be nice to plan something for after dinner as well, a movie, or a moonlit walk. Remember itís the simple things in life that please most people so donít shy away from organizing a simple romantic dinner for your partner.