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Organic Food Gift Baskets

That Organic Food is very healthy, there’s no doubt about. But why is it healthier? For one, Organic produce is not covered in a cocktail of pesticides. The average conventionally grown apple has 20-30 potentially toxic chemicals on its skin, even after rinsing! Compare that to an Organically grown apple, which has absolutely no pesticides whatsoever. Moving on, Organic food contains 50% more vitamins, minerals, enzymes and other micronutrients than intensively farmed produce. Eating Organic food is the
only way of avoiding genetically modified food and if all of the above doesn't convince you, try this, Organic Food just tastes a lot better than regularly farmed products. So instead of loading your friends and family with unhealthy chocolate and scones, take a look at these Organic food gift ideas.

The best way would be to purchase a hand made basket, decorate it yourself with organic paper and then fill it up with Organic food goodies. A wonderful way to spread holiday cheer and set an example for other by gifting Organic food gift baskets.
  • For both simple and serious reasons, tea is the superhero of all beverages—most simply because it is versatile. It can be drunk hot or cold, winter or summer, and morning, noon, or night. Organic tea is grown and processed without pesticides or artificial fertilizers and is also often Fair Trade. This means that you can reap the health benefits of organic tea knowing that small farms are being supported, workers on tea plantations are being treated fairly, and that both the workers and our environment are not exposed to the harmful chemicals used in conventional tea production.

  • Watermelons and Other Melons—Look for melons that are firm but not too hard, with no soft spots. The stem end should give slightly when pressed and have a fresh melon scent. Store in the refrigerator, pressing plastic wrap to the cut side. Some people prefer cold melon—especially watermelon—so refrigerate or ice several hours before gifting.

  • Organic chocolate, made by a few companies like Swiss chocolates. It is made out of cocoa which is organically grown thereby making it healthier than regular chocolate. However, that doesn’t mean it’s permissible to overdose on it. Eat any chocolate, even organic chocolate in moderation.
I you go over to, you can even have a look at some wonderful recipes made out of entirely organic products like organic mushrooms, organic flour, even organic milk. You could make some biscuits or scones out of organic products to include in your organic food gift basket. Remember Organic food is good for you and good for the earth too!
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