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Italian Food Gifts

Italian food is right up there on every world-class Diner’s list. In America particularly Italian food has become wildly popular, be it the fast food variety or what they serve in fine dining restaurants. And what really endears Italian food to people is the fact that, unlike say French Food, it is extremely quick and easy to prepare at home as well. With the amount of Pasta consumed everyday in America, one would think its American cuisine and not Italian at all. Having said that, Italian food also makes for excellent gifts. Of course here I do not mean
cooked perishable foods but the uncooked variety, ingredients, herbs. It would be a good idea to combine several Italian food items in a basket to create your very own Italian Food Gift baskets. Here are some idea-:
  • A personal favorite of mine is the Classic Italian food gift basket. It contains everything needed for a great Italian meal. Start off with extra virgin olive oil, bread dipping herbs and dipping bowl, olives, mozzarella cheese swirls, cheese knife, bread sticks and more. Penne rigate paste makes a very satisfying main course while lemon biscuits and hazelnut chocolate complete this authentic basket. Those who appreciate fine food are sure to enjoy this flavorful combination.

  • A bona fide Tuscan feast is an experience that can be singled out as one in a million. A sprinkling of roasted garlic vinaigrette for that o-so-crunchy Italian salad (made with celery, bell pepper, mushroom, black olives, onion, garlic and oregano) is an enticing appetizer. Follow that with some Fettuccini pasta (pasta with three flavors – egg, spinach and tomato-basil) and top of the line tomato and sweet basil sauce with Italian vegetables thrown in for good measure and you will be setting the pace for an elegant meal. The entire experience can come to a mouth-watering close with home-baked biscotti. However, remember these are perishable so give it to somebody who really appreciates Italian food enough to not let it go to waste.

  • Italy is famous for many things, but perhaps it is most famous for its wine. A fine Italian Wine always makes for a good gift and the good thing is they are cheaper than the French or German versions. A bottle of Wine make an excellent Italian food gift by itself and need not be supplemented by anything else. However if you wish to you could set up a basket with a bottle of Italian wine, some Italian bread and Cheese, Chocolates, and some Italian dressing. Sounds wonderful, doesn’t it?

  • Italian Bakers are some of the finest bakers in the world so throw together a spread of fine Italian cookies, breads and cakes. You could even include some Italian coffee and chocolates in the gift basket. Surely, someone with a sweet tooth is bound to love this one!
It would be a good idea to pick up foods which have been organically prepared because they are healthier. Remember if you are making a gift of food items, pick only the best quality even though it may be a tad expensive. However, fact remains that Italian food gifts are much appreciated and are the most popular amongst all food gifts!