Holiday Food Gift Baskets



You don’t have to limit Holiday food gift baskets for Christmas holiday giving. There are baskets for every holiday and occasion from New Year’s to Kwanzaa and everything in between. Food gift baskets make great gifts because nearly everyone appreciates food and there are so many different baskets available. You can even make your own Food gift baskets and use your creativity to personalize them for the recipient. Here are some ideas for a Holiday Food Gift Basket that you can even make yourself.

  • Cookie Gift Basket

    bake up some homemade cookies and enclose them in colorful plastic wrap, include a personal card or poem.

  • Chocolate Lovers Gift Basket

    include individual fancy chocolates, boxed chocolates, or the person's favorite chocolate bars along with hot chocolate mix.

  • Christmas Gift Basket

    a Christmas holiday food gift basket idea could include small stocking stuffers, candy canes and homemade Christmas cookies.

  • Halloween Gift Basket

    a Halloween holiday food gift basket can be stuffed with candy, throw in some plastic skulls, spiders, cobwebs and assorted creepy items.

  • Wine Country Gift Basket

    wine and cheese baskets are favorites, include two bottles of choice wine from your favorite winery or wine shop, add cheese and crackers.

  • Coffee Gift Basket

    Your favorite coffee lover will enjoy fresh gourmet ground roasted coffee (or their favorite brand), flavored creamer, cookies and a fun coffee mug.

  • Italian Gift Basket

    include a variety of dried gourmet pasta like spinach, whole-wheat, or dried tomato, two jars of pasta sauce, fresh mozzarella and Parmesan cheese, garlic bread and fancy olive oil.

  • Tea Lovers Gift Basket

    you can include several varieties of black tea, green tea and herbal teas, a mug and homemade butter cookies adds a nice finishing touch.

  • Champagne or Beer Gift Basket

    the champagne basket would be elegant: includes a bottle of fine champagne, cheese and crackers, and fancy chocolates; the beer basket includes several domestic and/or imported beers, lagers, or ales, chips, pretzels and nuts.

  • Easter Gift Basket

    A holiday food gift basket decorated to emulate the crib, loads of chocolate covered Easter eggs and Easter cookies intermingled with confetti. Children would love this as a gift and include some educational literature on Easter in the basket so as to increase their knowledge.