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Health Food Gift Baskets

Food gift Baskets make an excellent gift for pretty much every holiday be it Thanksgiving, Christmas or Hanukkah. In fact, many sellers are now promoting Food Gift Baskets for themed events such as the super bowl as well. You know, beer, popcorn and the works! These baskets are very well priced so they fall into the affordable bracket for most people. Besides, it saves you the bother for thinking and planning out what gifts to give whom. However, fact remains that despite their claims, many of the food gift
basket sellers are selling inferior quality products which are unhealthy. Even the so-called organic food is…….well, not so organic. With the rising levels of obesity, one has to limit what one eats, and hence we must be considerate of that sentiment when we go about distributing food gifts with much abundance. Here are some Health Food Gift Basket that you may want to try out this season-:
  • Fresh Fruit Gift Baskets-: Nothing is healthier than fruits and they do make for a rather attractive gift baskets. Fresh Fruit gift baskets are rather popular, and for good reasons too. You can choose what fruits you would like to include in your baskets. Stick to the fruits that are easily available during that season because for one they will be less expensive and for another, they will be easily available. Always buy organic fruits. If you are going to set up the basket yourself, you can purchase fruits from Wal-Mart, which is an excellent source for Organically grown Fresh fruits. They are available in gourmand shops too but tend to be a wee bit expensive. Also it will be a good idea to include fruits which last longer than others as you can’t possibly know when they are going to be eaten.

  • Chocolates-: Forget the apple. If any sinning went on the Garden of Eden, it had to be a big bite of a forbidden chocolate bar. Eating anything that tastes so sinfully good deserves punishment, right? Not necessarily. Chocoholics can rejoice in a study that showed chocolate is a good source of flavonoids, the same antioxidants found in tea. Antioxidants have been shown to reduce heart disease and possibly cancer risk by protecting against the oxidation of cells by free radicals. Dark chocolate has less fat than milk chocolate. And cocoa butter, a main ingredient of chocolate, has a special fat called steric acid that doesn't contribute to cholesterol formation. And if your chocolate goodie includes lower fat ingredients like Ghiradelli chocolate squares or raspberry truffle malted milk balls, you can reduce your fat intake while still satisfying your chocolate-coated desires.

  • Tea-: Or ‘Chai Tea’ as it has been popularized in the west. ‘Chai’ in Hindi means tea, so calling it ‘Chai Tea’ really is a tad redundant. However, Tea has scientists spiraling out of control with all their research. It has been proven that it keeps cancer at bay and if that’s not enough, it also happens to be the favorite beverage of the Queen! There are customized tea gift baskets available at gift stores which combine various varieties of teas along with low fat cookies and crackers. They also include small cups and saucers. A Perfect gift for somebody who follow their ritual of ‘English Tea’ religiously.

    Nuts and berries too are extremely healthy. It’s important that when gifting food gift baskets to the people you love, you take into consideration their health