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Hawaiian Food Gift Baskets
Hawaii is the most popular tourist spot in the world. People visit by the hundreds every year for the famed Hawaiian beaches and even more famed Hawaiian hospitality. Along the way, they encounter Hawaiian food, and fall in love with that too eventually, albeit a little reluctantly. Hawaiian cuisine is a medley of traditional Hawaiian, American, and Asian Pacific flavors. And yes, it does take a while getting used to but once your palate adjusts to the unique flavors there's no looking back.
One of the most common ways that Hawaiian food is served is in the form of plate lunch, usually meat or fish with two scoops of rice and macaroni salad. It's always a good deal at any lunch truck, mall, or outside food court. L&L Drive Inn is probably the most widely distributed chain of plate lunch spots in Hawaii. Branches of L&L can be found around the Islands and in some locations on the Mainland as well (as L&L Hawaiian Barbecue). Other islands also have their own favorite spots; for instance, Rainbow Drive-Inn ("Rainbows") and Zippy's are popular plate lunch places on Oahu. Lets take a look at some popular ideas for Hawaiian Food Gift Baskets -:
  • Hawaiian Fresh Fruit basket-: Somehow I have always associated Hawaii With Fresh Fruit and Flowers. Maybe because of the dosage of popular culture where bowls laden withy fresh tropical fruits have always been associated with these beautiful islands. Tropical fruits such as pineapple, mango, bananas, guavas, and papaya -- as well as fresh sugar cane, can be bought in most corner stores. However, don’t be surprised to discover that most of this fruit is being imported from exotic and far-flung locales like the Philippines.

  • Macadamia nuts-: For some reason, which I haven’t been able to figure out so far, these Macadamia nuts are extremely popular with the locals and hence, they have been packaged in many forms and Macadamia baskets are to be found in abundance. A regular Macadamia nuts basket would consist of a pack each of Milk Chocolate macadamias, Macadamias and cashews, Macadamia chocolate bars, Chocolate coated macadamia nuts and a bottle of macadamia nut cooking oil.

  • Potato chips-: Ok this may come as a surprise and I can already see you wondering why anybody would give Potato chip baskets as a gift. But the fact is that the Hawaiian potato chips taste distinctly different from the bland versions that we are used to. Primarily because of the herbs and spices that go into it’s making, these chips are a delicacy by themselves. Some of the popular brands are Maui style and One-ton.

  • Hot sauces-: A hot sauce fanatic? No………well, brace yourself, the Hawaiians most definitely are. You have got to try one or all of their unique flavors. Spices from around the world are combined with the bounty of the land to bring wonderful varieties of lip-puckering, water guzzling, forehead sweating sauces. Some of the popular varieties in the Hot sauces gift basket are Teriyaki hot sauce, Sweet pineapple hot sauce, Maui hot sauce and ginger hot sauce.