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Dining Ideas
Lets admit it, who doesn’t like dining out? The black dress, the heels, the lacy tablecloth with the flowers and the candles, all of it so dreamy. But the question remains do you really have to go out to a restaurant each time you have that special date, take a look at some of these ‘different’ dining out ideas. Cautionary warning: You have to be a little daring and very eccentric to try some of these.
  • Get all dressed up just like you would were you going to a snazzy restaurant, drive up to your favorite take away, something exotic like kebabs preferably and convert your minivan into your very own restaurant right there on the street, Complete with the lacy tablecloth, the chilled wine, candles and flowers. You are bound to get some looks but could also turn out to be one of the best dates ever.

  • Pull a ‘sweet’ one on your darling. Take her to a restaurant, any restaurant, doesn’t even have to be a fancy one. Have them serve fortune cookies at the beginning of the meal instead of the end and customize it with your own personal message which could say something like ‘you are special’ or ‘I love you’.

  • Of course the classic basket by the lake dinner. Pack a romantic meal, wine, cheese and the works and drive down to your favorite lake or park or countryside or just about any place which takes your breath away. Remember to carry a cozy blanket and get your evening underway!

  • Cook! Particularly if you are the kind that generally avoids the kitchen, the meal would be all the more appreciated if done by you. Don’t be worried about how it’ll taste because at the end of the day it’s the gesture that is more important. Here are some more Dining ideas-:
  • Outdoor Dining
  • Romantic Dining
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