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Corporate Food Gifts

Its that time of the year again when we are at a loss for what to give as a gift to our clients, vendors and colleagues. A recent survey conducted in 70 commercial centers confirmed that when it comes to Corporate gifts, 77% Americans find giving and receiving food gifts a very suitable option. The reasons are many but the most notable amongst them being that Food gifts have just the right degree of solemnity, they do not come across as extremely personalized and neither do they emanate an air of aloofness and if all of that is not enough, food gifts are an intrinsic part of our culture and will never invite raised eyebrows or rolling eyes.
However, you would do well to be a bit creative in your choice of food gifts. Its not possible to know what everyone like or dislikes so the best thing to do would be to set up a gift basket with an assortment of different kinds of food, something to please every palate. Avoid using too many perishables because it’s likely they will rot away in the holiday season itself, what with everyone dining out everyday. Instead stick to stuff like chocolate and cookies. Take a look at some of these ideas for an interesting Corporate food gifts baskets-:
  • It's hard to beat the traditional fruit and gourmet gift basket when it comes to choosing a business or Corporate food gift basket. They're not only attractive, but contain enough variety of food that you're sure to please the recipient's taste buds. One example which is truly a classic is a bountiful assortment of seasonal mixed fresh fruits, cookies, crackers, candies, cheese, jams, or similar gourmet goodies, spilling out of a finely crafted wicker basket.

  • Other great and unusual gift baskets include those containing wine. You'll make a unique impression on wine aficionados by giving gifts of wine with your own private label on the bottle. Or select from an assortment of other gift ideas, including wine glasses and decanters, mini wine cellars, wine preservers, chiller bags and picnic totes and truffles. With new laws recently passed, it is much easier to ship wines inter and intra state than ever before. Wouldn't you be pleasantly surprised to receive such an elegant gift?

  • No list of Corporate food gift ideas would be complete without the addition of delicious home made candies made with genuine maple syrup, as well as baskets with an assortment of other traditional delicacies. You can select from a huge variety of tasty treats that will please practically everyone on your list, including pure syrup, chocolates, and sauces. Talk about being mouth watering!

  • Many online companies offer customization so that your corporate food gift baskets are uniquely yours. Another Corporate food gift basket that is always sure to please is one that contains honey baked ham, bacon, sausage and other meat gifts that are guaranteed to be fresh, delicious and very much appreciated. Just think how nice it would be if your company was the giver of such good things. You'll be remembered as a caring and generous corporate entity.

  • Another elegant idea is a business gift basket brimming with high quality chocolates. This particular gift basket should be filled with various types of chocolates like Swiss chocolates, white chocolates, bitter chocolate sand just about all the fine varieties you can get your hand on. Chocolate lovers will really appreciate this one.
If you do not want to go all out and gift an entire basket, (cost factors need to be considered) just one bottle of wine would do just as well, or a small box of cookies or chocolates. At the end of the day it’s the gesture that counts so make sure you make the ‘gesture’ this holiday season!