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Brazilian Food Gift Baskets
The extraordinary cuisine of Brazil is an amalgam of the cooking heritage of three disparate groups of people: the native Indians, the conquering Portuguese and the African slaves they brought to work in the sugar cane fields. The distinct contribution of each is still apparent in many Brazilian dishes today. Over the years Brazilian cuisine has incorporated many modern trends and customs particularly from the Portuguese settlers and influences from the rest of Europe too are rather apparent.
However, Brazilian food is still a novelty as it is rather unknown in the western world. That is not to say that it doesn’t arouse curiousity. Some dishes like the Jacare Alligator meat) are almost never mentioned without the raising of eyebrows in mock disbelief. Though the fact remains that Brazil has a culture of cuisine which is quaint and certain elements of that cuisine make for rather nice gifts which can be put together into Brazilian Food Gift Baskets.
  • Fresh Fruit Gift Basket-: Perhaps Brazil's greatest treasure is her bounty of fruits. Many varieties of tropical fruit are not cultivated but grow freely in the wetland areas or in the uplands. Some are palm fruits. Even today, some of these exotic fruits are only known in the region in which they grow. The Amazonian basin in particular is home to a large variety of fruits, some of which are only known to the locals. To the tourists it can all seem rather overwhelming but there are a host of online websites which can give you advise on what fruits to include in your gift basket, some of them even deliver customized Brazilian food gift baskets.

  • Guarana Gift Basket-: Guarana is one of the best-loved fruits in Brazil and much folklore is based around it. It has an uncanny resemblance to a human eye and the Native Indians believed that the fruit had supernatural powers because ingesting the seeds leads to a high level of energy. However, it has now been proven it is because of the high level of Caffeine. Guarana is available today in a variety of forms, including a very popular carbonated soft drink of the same name, a syrup, a powder, in capsules and in sticks. You can combine all of these products along with some fresh guarana and guarana seeds for a truly authentic Brazilian food gift basket.

  • Manioc (Cassava) Gift Basket-: When the Portuguese arrived in Brazil, they found that the staple diet of the natives was manioc, which is extremely rich n carbohydrates. The raw variety can be poisonous at times and it is surprising that the Indians were able to derive ways of peeling and cooking it before consumption. Today of course, Manioc is commercially produced an is a popular ingredient for much of Brazilian cooking. Strips of manioc are also deep-fried and eaten like French fries. You can combine different varieties of Manioc to set up a Manioc food gift basket.

  • Caipirinha Gift Basket-: Literally means ‘little peasant girl’, caipirinha is Brazil’s most popular cocktail. It is prepared from sugar, lime, cachaca (available in metropolitan liquor stores and in Brazilian specialty stores) and ice cubes. You can make a gift basket consisting of Cachaca, Brazilian lime, Brazilian sugar and some cocktail glasses.