Engagement Gift Ideas

Engagement indicates the first step towards a blissful married life. Everybody treasures this moment in life and want to make it extra special with closed ones around. People, who gather during this occasion, shower them with gifts on engagement and express their love and best wishes. These days, people put up with the trend and help the couple re-discover their love for each other through the unique ideas of engagement gifts.

  • Gifts of engagement should be chosen carefully keeping in mind the likes and dislikes of the prospective bride and the groom.
  • Any gift that you give should ideally convey warmth, blessings and best wishes for would-be married couple.
  • Something that both of them can use together is an ideal engagement gift, whereby both the partners are made happy.

    Scout through the best engagement gift ideas and accordingly select the one which you think is apt.

    Engagement Party gift ideas

  • Nothing could be more apt than a flower bouquet in an engagement party, having the choicest of flowers that the bride and groom like.
  • flower bouquet

  • The other option of gift on engagement is the ring holder and photo frame having a cozy picture of the couple.

  • Give mugs, coasters, or other small necessities on which the photo of both of them can be printed.
  • mugs

  • Gift jewelry items like a neckpiece or earrings for the bride-to-be or a ring or bracelet for the groom-to-be. Silver, gold, diamond or platinum – you can opt anyone of them depending on your budget.
  • Gift jewelry items

  • Gift them apparels,t-shirts, hats, and aprons – these can also have their pictures.
  • t-shirts

  • Give them a good collection of music CDs, but do not forget to keep in mind the favorite genre and artist.
  • Music CDs

  • Give them an engagement gift basket comprising of items like a watch set, perfume set, double-bed blanket and bed sheet set.
  • Perfume set

  • Nothing could be better than gifting them their favorite authored books.

  • Personalized Engagement Gift Ideas

    Enjoy the joyous occasion as the couple celebrates their engagement. Engagement gifts are a very important part of the engagement ceremony. Join in and bless the couple all the wonderful and happy times that are about to come. There are different types of gifts that can be presented on the occasion of the wedding engagement. Engagement is the first step to the whole new world of romance and togetherness.

    The different gifts that can be presented to the newly engaged couple can range from gift baskets to personalized gift items. Here are some of the various gift ideas that will surely make beautiful keepsakes for the engagement couple.

    Personalised Wine Cooler

    When celebrations are circling around you, an ice-cold fizz always comes handy to keep the festivities going on. A stainless steel wine cooler will keep it stylish and unique. This classy accessory would look fabulous on a shelf while chilling up the good stuff. Engrave with the initials of the couple and they will cheer it for years to come.

    Padlock with Date & Initials

    A heart-shaped padlock can beautifully symbolize the unbreakable love between the soon-to-be couple. Personalized with their names, it can turn out to be a very special gift for the duo. You can take it one notch further by engraving the date they got together just below their names. It oozes romance and will be immensely loved by the couple.

    Personalised Bone China Teapot

    There is nothing quite like reaching home and catching up on each other's events of the day over a nice hot cup of tea. And a regular cuppa will not do. It is needed to be well brewed and made to taste, in a teapot which is whispering the story of their love. Gift the newly engaged couple an elegant bone china teapot with their initials printed on it. Their tea sessions will be extra romantic- just because of you!

    Set of 3 Cushions with Initials and a Picture from Life

    Cushions are every home's need. So why not gift the couple these amazingly comfortable bedroom accessories. Get a trio of polyester cushion with two having the initials of the couple and the third can have the printed snap of two of them together, looking deep in love. It can be a perfect decorating accessory in their future home together.

    Crystal Toasting Glasses

    Wish the happy couple all the best for the future with a set of crystal toasting glasses selected especially for them. These toasting glasses are perfect to be presented at the engagement party or personally at some later date.

    Engraved Champagne Bottles

    One of the best personalized engagement gifts is the engraved champagne bottles. Get the names of the newly engaged couple written on the champagne bottle and present it to them on the engagement party.

    Chocolate Gift Basket

    Arrange a mouth-watering chocolate gift basket and gift it to the engaged couple. Let them savor the delicious treat of dark chocolates as they plan a whole new world together.

    Chocolate Gift Basket

    Photo Frame

    Add a personal touch to the photo frame by getting a poem or an engagement message engraved on it. You can also put a nice picture of the couple if you don’t want to present the frame empty.

    Scented Candles

    Let the charisma of the scented candles fill the senses with love and joy for the happy couple. Select from the different colors and sizes available and wish the happy couple all the best for the future.

    Unique Engagement Gifts Ideas

    An engagement is the beginning of a lifetime of companionship together. To celebrate such a special occasion, the gift also has to be grand and unique. Engagement gifts are the treasured souvenirs of the love and wishes that are bestowed on the happy couple.Whether you wish to present the gift on the engagement party or in person on some later date, it is always a good reason to think of something unique and different to present to the engagement couple.

    Engraved Two Heart Key Rings

    A keychain for the lovebirds' new house keys would be a perfect gift. Key rings are classy, elegant and are of great utility. And when it comes to an engagement gift, present them with two key rings with two halves of a heart that fit together perfectly. Even better if you could get them silver plated- that would increase the appeal remarkably.

    Lush Velvet Album

    You know a photo-hoarding couple when you see one. A chick photo album is a wonderful way for a couple to visually organize the best of their memories. A durable velvet album can help them in arranging their photos from wedding to even photos of future family. They might even convert it into a guestbook for their wedding day as well.

    Good Pre-Wedding Reads

    Now that the engagement is finalized, next on the cards is marriage. And nobody is perfect and making mistakes here and there on such a grand nearing event of the wedding is normal- even the best of us fail. So why not make the work a bit easier for the bride-to-be by gifting her some of the best pre-wedding books that will help her make the best decisions on the big day? Light reads like 'I Am Bride: How to Take the We Out of Wedding' by Laura Willcox and the 1904 novel 'Don'ts for Wives' (a humorous take on married life) would help her keep her bridezilla side at bay. She'll definitely thank you later.

    • A perfect engagement gift can be something that the couple can use in the home like a wine bottle opener, romantic scented candles, cooking magazine.

    • One can also opt for gifts marking the celebration spirit of the engagement occasion. It can be a bottle of champagne, romantic cd box, and a beautiful gift basket with relaxing spa goodies for their honeymoon.

    • Another unique gift idea for the engagement couple can be presenting them something to help them prepare for the big day ahead. One can gift a wedding planner journal, wedding survival kit or a delicate bedside clock.

    • If you are one of the family and want to give something more personalized and unique then you can go for a guest book, a personalized cake server or something complimenting the personal taste of the couple.

    No matter what's the engagement gift you select for the engagement couple, it is a reflection of your thoughtfulness and love and the couple will surely appreciate it. The enthusiasm in your heart that you are sharing with the couple to make this occasion memorable will always stay with them.

    Engagement Gift Baskets

    Engagement ceremony is a time for happiness and celebrations and savoring the special moments of togetherness. At such a grand occasion, engagement gift baskets are expressions that bring the couple closer.

    Engagement gift baskets are of various types. Some can be romantic, some thoughtful, some to adorn the home and some to pamper the newly engaged couple. Here are the different engagement gift baskets that can be presented to the couple on their engagement party or ceremony. A couple can also present gift baskets to each other as a symbol of their happiness and togetherness.

    Treasured Delight

    Let the happy memories always stay with you with this engagement gift basket idea. Select a treasure box and present it to the newly engaged couple. This engagement gift can be arranged individually or turned into a gift basket by adding some chocolates a photo frame and other items of your liking.

    Romantic Gift Basket

    Let the circle of love surround the happy couple all the way through. Present them a romantic gift basket and wish them the very best in the future. Select some red roses, dark chocolates, romantic music cd, chocolate body powder and arrange them in a gift basket.

    Romantic Gift Basket

    Unforgettable Gift Basket

    Make the warmth of love fill your engagement gift basket as well. Select different things like lemon tea pack, orange cookies, mint truffles and other gift items that give a sunny feeling. Wish them sunshine and happiness always in their life with this unforgettable gift basket.

    Engagement Congratulation Messages

    Your engagement calls for celebrations. Congratulations. May you both have a happy life together.

    This is such great news!! We're really excited. Wishing you both a great future together.

    Congratulations on your engagement!! Wishing you all the very best and we hope things work out great. Please let us know if you need any help along the way. Lots of love.

    I'm so happy for you both!! You make a wonderful couple who I just know will be happy for ever and ever. All the best with the wedding plans.

    Congratulations!! May your love for each other only strengthen as time goes by. All the best with your wedding plans and for the future. Lots of love .

    We're really excited that you've taken the next step!! May your future together be a bright and happy one.
    All the best