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Easter bunny

Easter Bunny is one of the most significant and well-known symbols of Easter. No Easter holidays can be complete without the traditional Easter bunny taking the center stage. But only few know the origin and history behind this Easter Bunny.

As the Easter celebrations start in full swing, letís take some time out and learn a bit more about Easter Bunny.

Origin of The Easter Bunny
Easter Bunny first appeared as a symbol of Easter celebrations in Germany in the 1500s.
but sources also reveal that the actual relating of the bunny with the Easter holidays came up in the folk tradition prior to the Germans.
Rabbits honored Around the World
Rabbits hold much cultural significance and are believed to be a sacred messenger of the God in many Asian and Eurasian cultures. For the Chinese people, rabbits are creature of the moon beating rice, which is once again a symbol of life.

For the believers of Buddhism the rabbit was placed in the moon as a result of his self-sacrifice in offering himself as food. In another version, the rabbit cooks himself in Indra's fire since he had no food to offer her and the deity placed him in the moon as a reward. For the Egyptians, the hare was known as un, which meant "to open," or "the opener."
This was because the hare, unlike a rabbit, is born with his eyes open. "Un" also meant "period" as it was a symbol for both lunar and human cycles. Even in North America, the Rabbit is highly respected. To the Native Americans, he was the Trickster/Transformer who either plays the Fool or, in other instances, has brought about a benefit for humankind.

Now we can see how the tradition of Easter Bunny is deeply rooted in our holiday celebrations. Rabbit is a symbol of new life and fertility and Easter is a springtime festival. Due to this Easter Bunny becomes a significant symbol of Easter celebrations the world over.
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