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What a police officer wears while he is on duty? What is worn on a costume party? And what a bride and groom wear at their wedding? In all of these questions, clothing does matter and it matters in offices too. Office Dress Code explains that you take yourself and your job seriously. Actually, when you look as though you took the time to prepare yourself for whatever you are doing that day, people do certainly notice you. This is the significance of Office Dress Code.
Office Dress Code does not means that every employee has to wear a similar clothes in the office like that of laborers. However, it is meant to represent your company, its status and reputation. If an employee is not properly dressed, it pulls down the companyís image. And not only it affects the employer, it also reflects a personís personality.

Some of the unacceptable attire can be clothing that are patched, worn, or faded, short-shorts, halter or half tops, athletic sweatpants or sweatshirts or t-shirts, clothing with inappropriate designs or logos, and workout clothes. Inappropriate designs or logos would be those containing profanity or not conforming to campus policy on racial and sexual harassment.

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