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Any slogan is a memorable phrase used in a political, commercial, religious, and other contexts as a repetitive expression of an idea or purpose. These slogans or tag lines are also used in the corporate world called the Corporate Slogans. Corporate Slogans are the most important way in which companies try to attract our attention and also strives hard to retain it. Corporate Slogans or catchphrases are the essence of a company.

These are the brief summary of the business products that are easily memorized by us and trip off our tongue.

Corporate Slogans create brand awareness in the easiest ways. For these, billions are spent on advertising around the world mostly on the sporting events. These Corporate Slogans are a kind of Advertising Slogans that are written by professional writers. And these marketing professionals say that the Corporate Slogans should be concise and sitictive and that these should encapsulate a basic promise to the consumers.

However, sometimes these Corporate Slogans have to suffer a setback. These catchy tag lines are not so catchy that they can be kept in mind. Companies spend millions of dollars a year creating and promoting and they ultimately fail to create any impression upon the users.
In fact, a survey revealed that Americans could not even match the most prominent advertising slogans with their corporate owners. Some of the famous Corporate Slogans are given hereunder:

Carlsberg Slogan: Probably the Best….In The World
Tesco: Every Little Helps
O2: See What You Can Do
Honda: The Power of Dreams
McDonald’s: I’M Lovin’ It
John Lewis: Never Knowingly Undersold
HSBC: The World’s Local Bank
L’Oreal: Because You’re Worth It offers you concise perception of the Corporate Slogans. To get more information on related topics, keep browsing our website.

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