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Corporate giveaways are an ideal way to express your appreciation for your employees, business partners, and clients on special occasions. Sometimes, a company can even promote their products by giving items like these to their clients and business partners. Read on to hear some great ideas for corporate giveaways that you can use to grow your business relationships.

Ideas for Corporate Giveaways

Business card holders: A business card holder is an elegant and practical gift that you can offer to your business clients. Impress them with elegant shapes and colors, and pick holders made from nicer materials such as crystal.

Miniature trophies: These are good gift items to present to your employees in order to show them how much you value their efforts. Such mini trophies can come in customized shapes or generic shapes like stars, and make attractive desk accessories.

Cell phone holders: If you’re looking for interesting and impressive gifts for your clients and business associates, you could go for some lovely cell phone holders. Silver-plated cell phone holders, for example, are popular corporate giveaways, and you can easily have your company name and logo engraved on them.

Goodie gift baskets: One of the most popular corporate giveaways is a basket filled with delicious edibles for your employees, clients, or business partners. You could opt for gift baskets filled with goodies like chocolate pretzels, gourmet shortbread cookies, cheeses, and popcorn. There are also healthier gift baskets full of fresh fruits like apples and oranges.

Spa gift baskets: A gift basket stuffed with a collection of spa treats may just be the perfect way to reward your employees’ hard work or to send your best wishes to your business providers. Spa baskets usually have relaxing and rejuvenating items like body lotion, moisturizers, shower gel, bar soaps, and mineral spa water.

Crystal desk sets: You may decide to give your clients and business partners a nice desk set made up of a matching crystal pen, clock and Post-it holder. This is one of the more elegant and exciting corporate giveaway ideas that is sure to impress the people associated with your business.

Leather envelopes: These will make perfect giveaways that your employees, clients and business partners will love to possess. They’ll find these classy, reusable envelopes both practical and beautiful!

Executive clocks: An executive clock is a gift item that will beautifully adorn anyone’s desk. You may decide to have your company name engraved on these clocks, to add that special touch to your corporate gift.

Travel bags: Travel bags are accessories your employees will love to take with them when headed to their favorite destination, or on a long business trip. This lovely gift makes a fine token of appreciation for your hardworking employees.

Money clips/credit card holders: Credit cards are essential items that your employees or clients are surely always carrying in their wallets or purses. So why not give a money clip or a credit card holder to each of your clients and employees? They’ll love to receive such a thoughtful gift from you.

Silver or gold keychains: High-quality keychains are among the most popular corporate giveaway ideas. These items have a classy appeal, and will make a great token of appreciation for your employees or business providers.

Crystal keepsake boxes: These gifts are among the most interesting corporate giveaway ideas. Crystal keepsake boxes can be any color or even colorless, but everyone will love the sparkle that they can bring to a desk.

Corporate wine gifts: Whether it’s a bottle of good-quality wine or some wine accessories like trolleys, glasses, or an insulated wine case, these gifts are a great way to impress your employees and business clients. You can even have your company logo engraved on these gifts, and add a special message as well.

Leather laptop cases: Your business associates certainly couldn’t do without laptops to carry out their daily work. Why not give them a nice laptop case in order to show your appreciation for your business relationship? Such laptop cases can also be used as an award for those employees who’ve contributed a lot to the growth of your business. Whether it’s your employee, a business partner, or your client, everyone loves being appreciated for their valuable contributions to your business. Therefore, give the corporate giveaway ideas listed here some thought, and use the ones that you consider to be the best.

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