Corporate Christmas Gift Ideas

Selecting a right gift can be a quite challenging task. Quality, creativity and a desire to enhance your corporate image all play an important part in your corporate gift strategy. So while thinking about a gift strategy be sure to think about the uniqueness of your company and how you can deliver that through a gift.

Below are given some corporate Christmas gifts.

Mobile Phone TXT Guide

This mobile phone TXT book contains pretty much every essential texting shortcut youíll need. Itís ideal for the beginners or advanced texters. The covers are magnetic, so they hold shut while the book is in your bag or pocket and the guide itself is organized into topic-love, social stuff, general stuff etc.†

Personalized Bottle Of Champagne

It's a lovely bottle of J D Telmont with a personalized label of your choice. This champagne is a blend of wines from a number of years enabling a consistent taste and quality to be achieved.

Large Photograph Album

This large aluminum photo album is a perfect choice for all your special memories. The luxurious photo album features protective brushed aluminum covers and a velvet spine. The photo album has 20 pages each with a full-page cling cover, so you can have a full 8x6 photo, 2 6x4 photos or a montage of small and large photographs. The clingy cover holds the photos in place but they can be removed at any time without harming the actual photo.

Mini Sushi Box

Wow your friends and colleagues with your knowledge of how to roll the perfect tuna roll. Inside this kit is everything you need for a bite sized sushi experience. It features:

  • A maki-su mat
  • Mini chopsticks
  • Soy sauce bowl
  • Plastic grass!
  • 32-page book full of how to and what to.
Yum, the best things really do come in small†