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Xmas Gifts

In the last minute scramble for X知as gifts, we often end up compromising on quality. I知 sure we all remember a time when we gifted a defective sweater or a shabby stole. In order to avoid such embarrassments, we should logically organize our Christmas shopping, make a list and tick off as you go along. And please, oh please at least start shopping by the end of November, if you leave it for later than that, well do it at your own risk in any case. For those of you値l who face an endless dilemma about what to get for whom, fret not, we致e scrounged the Internet for the most popular and unique X知as gifts.

Christmas iPod Gifts
Thanks to the entire industry of accessories that has built itself around iPod痴, these babies never seem to be too far away from any list of gifts. The iPod has gone on to become a massive style statement, and people like to keep track of the latest developments. So if you happen to know an iPod enthusiast get them a SDI iHome IH5 iPod Clock Radio. It lets you wake up to music from your iPod, an AM/FM radio or buzzer. With its built-in iPod cradle, the iH5 charges your iPod while docked, and sports a backlit LCD screen, and line-in to connect non-docking iPod痴 like the iPod shuffle. And all that for just 」99.95. Now that痴 music for my ears!

2006 Harrods Alexander Christmas Bear
This limited edition 13.5-inch lovable bear is celebrating his 21st birthday, and would make for a perfect gift for any kid and adults with nostalgic memories of Alexander. This adorable bear is completely hugable, and is the favorite of all kids and girls. Complete with his little friend neatly tucked into his pocket, both bears come complete with beautiful gold Harrods embroidery on their left paw. And for 」24.95, I壇 say it痴 a real steal.

White Mira Sprint 9.5kw Electric Shower
Ok so it痴 a wee bit unusual, not to mention bulky but the Mira Sprint 9.5kw electric shower is totally worth its 」 130. It has a slim design with chrome fittings and adds a dash of elegance to the otherwise humdrum bathroom. It also drains the excess hot water after a shower to ensure safety for the next user and comes with a self-cleansing nozzle. Not only is it suitable for all water heating systems but comes with a temperature stabilizer as well. A perfect gift for the high maintenance ladies in your life, if there are any of course!

Christmas Flowers
Starved for cash, well fret not! You can recreate the entire romantic Christmas aura with a bunch of exotic orchids from An exotic bouquet of 10 long stemmed Dendrobium orchids in vibrant Fuscia color; this delicate flower will enhance Christmas Eve with its oriental beauty. It is grown in Thailand, and last for about 6 weeks. Not bad for 」16.99, is it? And Oh, I almost forgot, it comes with a box of chocolates!


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