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In America and Europe, people manufacture rolls of paper with secular or religious Christmas motifs for the purpose of wrapping gifts. Some of the common motifs include Christmas trees, wreaths, Santa Claus, Christmas tree ornaments, candies, stars and penguins etc.

Christmas trees can be decorated with lights and ornaments. The interior of a home can also be decorated with garlands and evergreen foliage.
In Australia, North and South America and to some extent Europe also, it's a tradition to decorate the outside of a house with lights and sometimes with glowing sleighs, snowmen and other Christmas figures.

Since the 19th century, the poinsettia has been associated with Christmas. Some other popular holiday plants include holly, mistletoe, red amaryllis and Christmas cactus.

Even the municipalities sponsor the decorations. Christmas banners are hung from the streetlights and the Christmas trees placed in the town square. In America, the decorations are commonly done while keeping the religious themes in mind. In 1984, the US Supreme Court passed a rule saying that a city-owned Christmas display, even the one with a Nativity scene, does not violate the First Amendement.
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Although the Christmas decorations like the tree are considered secular in many parts of the world but the kingdom of Saudi Arabia bans such displays as symbols of Christianity.
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