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Christmas in USA

America has such diversity in culture, that there really is no American way of celebrating Christmas, except for the commercialization of the festival which has always been attributed to them. However for the sake of facts, Americans have imbibed many traditions from various cultures and have come up with their unique way of celebrating this wonderful festival. Christmas is the most important festival for Christians and since most Americans are Christians, it is celebrated with much gusto.
Most offices close on 24th December and even government officials have the day off. Many people visit the church on Christmas Eve for midnight mass while others still head out to a party or two. It is a time for merry making, food and laughter. It goes without saying that everyone has a nice time.

Christmas Traditions In America
Christmas has come under a lot of debate in America. Since exchanging gifts is an important tradition, Christmas shopping has become somewhat of a major activity for Americans during Christmas. Stores fill up with Christmas merchandise to exploit the people to shop as much as they can. In fact many religious people have complained often that Christmas in America has become so commercial that there is no religious message left in it all. Christmas, they say, has been stolen.

In American tradition, gifts are given to almost everyone right from friends, families and relatives to people you work with, your doctor, your lawyer or anyone who has every done a favor for you. Many people bake cookies for their neighbors. The spirit of Christmas envelops everyone and great generosity is shown particularly to the poor and downtrodden. Hospitals and orphanages have said that they receive the most amount of Charity during Christmas .

Christmas Dinner in America
Christmas Dinner is the major Christmas feast for all Americans and they generally go traditional for it. They are mighty fond of good food and one would most likely find a good roast turkey, goose, or ham done to perfection at their tables. Desserts such as the Christmas pudding too are extremely popular along with fruits. They then visit friends and families and spend time with the people they love. Many families consider the Christmas mass as the most important event of the entire festive season. The climatic conditions demand that dinner should be had indoors, because of the snow. Homes are usually decorated in a bright manner using such decorations like Holly, mistletoes, Christmas ornaments, candy canes and Christmas lights.

Americans also decorate their homes with Christmas trees and Christmas lights. It's a festival of kindness and generosity and most Americans believe that!

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