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Upside Down Christmas Tree

As ridiculous as it sounded when upside down Christmas trees were first introduced, we’ve all gone on to accept them and in fact they’ve become one of the hottest fads of the Christmas season! They were first introduced in the Christmas of 2003 and have gone on to take the nation by storm since then. However, the trend of hanging Christmas trees upside down is not as new as some of us may think.
History Of Upside Down Christmas Trees
From Crediton, Devonshire, a monk in the 7 th century traveled to Germany to spread the gospel of his lord. In order to describe God's Holy Trinity of the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost to the German people, he used the triangular shaped Fir tree. Soon the German people linked the Fir tree to God and started worshipping it as “ God's Tree” Over the next couple of centuries the tree came to be indelibly linked with Christianity and when hung upside down became its most binding symbol.

During the middle ages, the Europeans hung the Christmas trees upside down to symbolize the Holy Trinity. However, an upside down Christmas tree is considered disrespectful, as custom demands that the tip of the star be pointing towards heaven. The upside down tree was viewed as a symbol of Christianity as well as pagan customs. It is believed that since Christianity wasn't very widespread that time, an upside down Christmas tree may have been a pagan symbol.

An Upside Down Tree??
One question that everybody seems to be pondering over is what really is an upside down tree and how is it different from normal trees? Well, the primary reason why an upside down Christmas tree is so called is because it is hung on the ceiling by the base, in manner of a chandelier. You then decorate it while it is hanging from your ceiling. Usually these are Artificial Christmas trees , which is mostly to make things easier for you - since you don't want to try to water a real Christmas tree from the ceiling, do you?

The reason why the trend is catching on so fast is because of the space factor. Upside down Christmas trees do not get into the way so much as regular trees and for people who have kids and pets at home, it’s a perfect idea. The upside down Christmas tree is an artificial tree and that is an advantage because it is less of a fire hazard. When a real Christmas tree dries up, it starts shedding these pine needles which you wouldn't need to worry about cleaning up because your tree is artificial. Nor would you require a new tree every year, for this tree can clearly be reused.

But not all people are so crazy about the trend. While some consider it just plain stupid and something to laugh at, there are others yet who consider it to be disrespectful to god, primarily because the star that should be pointing towards heaven is actually pointing towards hell when hung upside down. Sheer Genius or Plain Stupidity?? The jury’s still out on that one.

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