Unusual Christmas Gift Ideas

Many people complain of a sense of déjà vu when they step out to do their Christmas shopping each year. Faced with the same drab, run of the mill choices, it gets rather frustrating to single out something unique for the people you love. Well, fret now, there's good news for all those grumpy shoppers, Christmas shopping no longer needs to be a tedious affair with hundreds of people crowded into the same store. Order your gifts online, and top help you decide what products are par excellence we have combined a list of truly unusual and unique Christmas giftsthat will definitely be appreciated.

Christmas Sports Gift

This is for all the baseball buffs out there. If you're buying a gift for a guy or a gal that loves baseball, this is a unique gift that will make them smile. You know at baseball games, they have these automated machines which basically test the speed at which you can throw a baseball. The display shows a reading when you throw the ball in a big cage. The laser baseball comes without the cage but other than that is pretty much the same thing with a display. It measure the speed on impact with a wall, glove or you face on a bad hop. And the best part is that at $30 it is quiet a steal


Christmas Pet Gift

There's always somebody who's down in the dumps during Christmas. It could be a relationship gone sour, losing a job or just plain loneliness of having to spend Christmas without family. Should you happen to know anyone like that, surprise them by getting them a pet. It could be anything from a dog, a cat to a goldfish. This very personalized Christmas gift is generally well received. Of course do make sure that the person is interested in animals before you show up with a Labrador at their doorstop. And if they don't much care for animals, get a robopet. All the joys of keeping a pet without the mess apparently!

Practical Christmas Gift

You know how Neville from the Harry Potter books keeps forgetting stuff and his grandmother gives him a ‘rememberall' on his birthday to help him keep track of his things. Well if you know anyone like that, its time you gave them an electrical locater this Christmas. It could be anything from the remote to the car keys or even you hand held device, you've managed to misplace those things at least once and know how frustrating it can be when you need them urgently. The electric locator helps you find your stuff easily. The device comes with little magnetic pads you connect to items you lose often. When you've misplaced your keys, for instance, you just hit the appropriate button on the locator and the pad on item will make a beeping noise and that's where your keys are. And for just $50, it's totally worth it. Trust me, your friends will be thanking you for a long time!

Well so how's that for Unusual Christmas gifts. Keep thinking along those line and you should soon have quiet a few crazy ideas of your own. Crazy or not, that remains debatable, all the gifts mentioned above are extremely thoughtful if a wee bit different. They are sure to bring a smile upon the lips of the benefactor of your generosity. Like they say, go spread some cheer this Christmas!

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