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The Ultimate Christmas Present

So you want to find a stellar Christmas present for your loved oneís. Well fret not, for your life just got easier. Take a look at the hottest Christmas presents this year. One way or another these presents are suited for almost all preferences and special tastes and most of them fall into the reasonable bracket. So give someone the ultimate Christmas present this year, without burning a hole in your pocket.
Christmas iPod Presents
Ok, so everyone has an iPod these days, so you must think it a crazy suggestion for a Christmas gift. However, the emphasis here is not on the actual iPod but on the entire industry of gadgets that seems to have built itself around this pocket-sized marvel. All designed to make your iPod experience better than it already is, some of these gadgets are really worth their while. For instance, Harman Kardon Drive + Play Car Kit for iPod is the real deal. With Harmon Kardonís Drive + Play car kit you can enjoy all your favorite music right there in the car without the hassle of operating your iPod with one hand. Complete with a backlit LCD and a docking board, this five-button controller is just the thing a music enthusiast + gizmo freak would give his life for. Place the controller within easy access of you in the car and watch them duplicate all the functions on your iPod. Know a better way you can drive and listen to your favorite music at the same time?

Christmas Perfume Presents
Perfumes have always made for a grand gift, right from Cleopatraís time down till now, so we can safely wager that they wonít be going out of fashion anytime soon. And besides, show me a man or a woman who doesnít like a good bottle of perfume, as a gift, and Iíll show you a liar. Having said that, set out to buy a perfume and you will be literally spoilt for choice. Ensure that you know the preferences of the benefactor of your generosity. And though it may sound a wee bit pompous, safety lies with the known brands. So picks a Calvin Klein or Hugo Boss to really leave a mark this Christmas.

Christmas Handheld Presents
Itís the age of the gizmos and hereís one that will have you reeling for days. Just as suitable for a globetrotter as it is for an entertainment-starved teenager, and before I forget, it makes for a dapper Christmas gift. The Dell Axim 51v is the ultimate handheld device that delivers performance, connectivity and a brilliant VGA display at an affordable price. It is sleek, stylish and elegant and packs all the features of your mobile and your PC. At £280, what more can you ask for?

Christmas Spa Present

How about you pamper that special someone in your life? Can you think of a better Christmas present for some one who is rather stressed out- an entire day spent in heavenly pampering and indulging? So if you are in the mood of lavishing someone with undying attention and love, have them spend the day in a relaxed environment, wearing away all their worries in the Jacuzzi or simmering in the sauna. Along with all these world class amenities, certain treatments too are included in the package like a facial, a manicure and probably a relaxing oriental massage. One can also swim in the pool or use the gym. And all of this for only £99. Available at all the Marriott hotels across the country.

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