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The Romanian Orthodox Church, a church of the Eastern Orthodox Christianity is the most popular church in Romania. To a large extent, Catholics, both Roman Catholics and protestants too have their own churches Almost 80% of the population are Romanian orthodox. Owing to that fact, Christmas is one of the major festivals in this country and is celebrated with much pomp and pageantry. Romanians have many Christmas traditions which are unique to them.
Christmas carols in Romania
Christmas carols form an important part of the Romanian folklore. Romanian Carols, differ from their western counterparts in many ways. For once, they are not just merely songs with religious undertones sung during the winter. Roman Christmas carols are considered a link to God, people sing with passion as though they are really standing in front of god and committing themselves to his service forever. The miracle of the birth of Jesus is often talked about in the Romanian Christmas carols and life's great spiritual paths are explored. The carol singers walk in the streets of the villages and towns holding in their hands a star made of board and paper with biblical scenes painted in watercolors and they sing carols.

Five days before Christmas with a very sharp knife a pig is cut. T The custom ‘Ignatius' so called because of St. Ignatius is celebrated on 20 th December. A snout is filled with straws and covered with burning straws, and it then gets singed. It is then washed thoroughly and kept aside for ten minutes covered with a clean cloth. The pig is then incensed by the housewife and the husband makes the sign of the cross on its forehead, praying that their family be prosperous and well looked after in the approaching New Year:"Let's eat the pig!" After the pig is cut there is a feast called the pig's funeral feast or alms.

Entire families, friends, and relatives gather at the grand feast, and eat the skin and rid of the bacon along with wine or plum brandy. Small pieces of fried pork too are very popular.

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