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Rockfeller Christmas Tree

The Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree is one of the most well known Christmas trees in the world and can be found at the Rockefeller center in New York City. Every December, the national television media broadcasts the setting up of the tree, and it is then lit up. Somewhat of a New York tradition by now, the Rockefeller center Christmas tree has been put up every year since 1937. The tree is used for an array of recycling purposes after Christmas. The United States Equestrian team used the largest part of the tree to practice jumping.
History Of Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree
Though the Rockefeller Center Christmas tree has gone on to become famous all over the world, it may come as a surprise that the first tree was put up by construction workers in 1932 when they were building the Rockefeller center. In 1933, the first formal tree lighting ceremony took place at the Rockefeller center. It is safe to say that even now there's no other Christmas tree which is bigger or brighter than the Rockefeller Christmas Tree in the U.S.

The manager of the Rockefeller center gardens embarks on a detailed search every year for the perfect Christmas tree. Trees have been shipped from as far away as Ottawa, Canada. The chosen evergreen tends to be between 75’ and 100’ tall and is decorated with 30,000+ lights. Shortly after Thanksgiving, the holiday season in New York is officially kick started by the lighting ceremony of the Rockefeller center Christmas tree. It stays lit till early January.

Rockefeller Christmas Tree Facts

  • In 1939, the tree was illuminated by floodlights every evening at dusk, and except for the lighted star on top, the tree was completely untrimmed. That was also the year when the Rockefeller Center Choristers made their debut. The band consisted men and women who worked at the Rockefeller center.
  • Christmas celebrations at the Rockefeller center during World War II changed significantly. The 1941 tree lighting ceremony called for hundreds of lights on the giant tree as well as candles placed in every window of the 70-storey RCA Building. The candles were never lit because of the attack that happened at Pearl Harbor. It would have been extremely difficult to extinguish them quickly in the event of a blackout. A single switch controlled the tree’s lights, so it was allowed to remain illuminated each night.

    Until 1945, the Rockefeller center Christmas tree was not lit due to the restriction imposed on electricity during the war. After that, it began to be illuminated once again

  • In 1973, in order to comply with the nationwide energy conservation directives, thousands of multicolored reflective discs illuminated by a reduced number of miniature bulbs were used. These days, to decorate the tree more than 25,000 multicolored 7.5-watt bulbs are strung on electrical wire of more than five miles. Except for the tsar on top, there are no other ornaments on the tree, just the lights with each branch being individually wrapped with wire.

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