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Popular Christmas Gift Ideas

Christmas is the season for love and giving. Just imagine how dull it would all be if the gift giving tradition were to stop all of a sudden. Granted, it does commercialize the festival to a great deal, but is also the essence of this beautiful festival. I always have recurring nightmares of a Christmas without gifts! The best bit though, it has to be said, is not the receiving of all those wonderful things but the giving. Donít you just love to watch peel carefully unwrap layers of wrapping from your gifts, the flicker of an eyebrow, a smile or a cry of joy. Itís all wonderful. Truly, Christmas is all about the gifts. Without further delay, lets take a look at the most popular gifts for Christmas 2013.

Christmas iPod Gifts
I know what you are thinking, iPodís are so 2013. However, an entire industry seems to have built itself around this amazing gadget. Everything from iPod shirts to iPod shields and even something called an iPod toilet paper holder seem to have cropped up in the markets. If you know anyone with a penchant for music and driving, in that order, then the Harman Kardon Drive + Play is the perfect iPod accessory for them. Drive + Play from Harman Kardon offers all the music browsing capability of the iPod itself and can be used with any car audio system. You can browse music by artist, title or make random selections, all from the driverís seat without taking your mind off driving. Well, it does have all the makings of a perfect Christmas gifts, now all you need to do is find someone who will appreciate it?

Roberto Cavalli Dress
If you know a lady who is cut out from a more luxurious cloth than others, then this Roberto Cavalli creation is just perfect for her. This ĺ length dress is black and is 100% viscose. A plunging neckline to accentuate her assets, and a rear zipper make this beauty worth the £400. The Diamante detailing and metallic inserts just add to the bling factor. So if you have the dough, this dress would make for a perfect Christmas gift for that special someone in your life.

Acer N50 PDA Pocket PC
This Amazing handheld device is a perfect gift for a globetrotter or a gizmo freak. The stylish and sleek device packs a host of features that make it worth the £170 that it costs. It is designed to enhance business and personal productivity anytime, anyplace. Acer's sleek and smart looking handheld does wonders for your image, while providing the perfect blend of mobility and performance. A perfect Christmas gift for the gizmo man.

Samsung- SGH E530 (Special Mobile Phones For Women)
Looks like 2013 is a year of gadgets and Samsung has honed in on that to get a step ahead of their competitors by launching special mobile phones for women. The E530ís special user interface functions personalize your mobile with MMS information on Fragrances, an alarm for Biorhythms and a height and weight ration calculator, as well as a Shopping list and Pink Schedule just for you. The E530 comes in five additional fun colors to revel in. Samsung lets you choose from Lavender pink, Valentine pink, Chic white, Oasis Blue and Festival orange to coordinate with your fashion sense. This is one Christmas gift the ladies will totally love.


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