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Hongkong Christmas Decorations

Hong Kong is located on the southeastern coast of China and celebrates the festival of Christmas with much excitement. The celebrations are marked with decorations, concerts, carols, masses and the fun filled parties.

There are decorations in the central business district where a bright Christmas tree is placed, visible from across the harbor. The splendor of the illuminated buildings, standing tall on both sides of the harbor is simply matchless.
The vibrantly decorated restaurants, bars, pubs and shops form an integral part of the Hong Kong Christmas decorations. The traditional decorations and themes of Christmas are complemented with the local characteristics and contemporary style.

The newly opened Hong Kong Disneyland is a major tourist attraction and is geared up for the occasion with its lively decorations, performances and special gift ideas. It promises a wonderful experience to both the little ones as well as the adults. Besides all this the masses are organized in the churches.

The whole town is in the festive look with the people in holiday mood enjoying the festival, which continues from the end of November till the first week of December.

Hong Kong is indeed a special place to be in during the Christmas season.

Happy Christmas!

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