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Homemade Christmas Presents

If you are a little strapped for cash this Christmas, fret not. You can still give everyone on your list fab Christmas presents . All you need is loads of time and some creativity to go with it. There are loads of Homemade Christmas presents that can be made for every age group. A cursory search on the Internet will give you millions of ideas. And the best bit about homemade Christmas presents is that they touch a cord with the benefactor of your generosity. People are humbled when they realize how much effort went into making the present. This Christmas show people how much you care by gifting them homemade Christmas presents.

Christmas Picture Frame
Hereís a really cool Christmas gift that you and your kids can make together. Take a trip down to your local crafts store and pick up an inexpensive plastic picture frame. Gather or buy plastic Barbie doll accessories, beads, jigsaw puzzle pieces, scrap booking embellishments and other doo-dads that represent the interests of the recipient. For example, for the gourmet cook, you could use plastic doll cookie sheets and rolling pins. And get some cookbook and baking-themed scrap booking or card-making accessories from the craft store. Using hot glue or glue dots, glue the items around the border of the frame. Then put a special poem or message in the frame. Now you've got a show-stopping homemade Christmas gift without the extravagant price tag. To complete it, fix in a picture of grandpa with the kids and itíll sure be a Christmas present that heíll cherish forever.

Homemade Jewelry Kit
Get a hatbox or another container and place in it everything the girl might need to make her own jewelry and accessories. Some items to consider are beads, jewelry hardware, fake fur and other fabrics, fabric paints, fabric glue, small faux jewels, small mirrors, glitter, leather stripping, pipe cleaners, sequin, elastic strips, magnetic sheet, paints, metal trinkets, and so forth. Craft stores are full of fun ideas for this Christmas gift. You can even go online and print out instructions for making simple jewelry pieces, small purses, magnetic mirrors and more. Any teen girl would love this Christmas present as it would give her the independence to create own unique pieces of jewelry without spending a bomb on it.

Christmas Tool Holder
Use a sturdy cloth that won't unravel or vinyl and fabric glue for the design. Cut a strip of the cloth about 12"X20". You'll also need a piece of half-inch elastic - about 20" long. Using fabric glue, attach one end of the elastic to the center of one end of the cloth. Allow to dry. Measure about two inches then attach that portion of the elastic to that area of the cloth. Continue gluing the elastic down, every two inches, until it reaches the end. The elastic will hold tools in place as Dad or Grandpa roll them up in the cloth. Use a set of Velcro pieces to keep the tool holder closed. To decide where to put the Velcro roll a jacket or something similar up in the tool holder.

Now mark where the end of the fabric meets the back of the fabric. Place the fuzzy strip of Velcro lengthways, up the back of the holder. Do this in the center and on both ends of the backside, about 6 inches long. Now use the rough side of the Velcro to go along the width of the inside end of the tool holder. After the tools are rolled up in the holder the sticky portion of the Velcro should attach to the three fuzzy pieces. The tool holder will impress the recipient and costs little to make. There, the same thing can cost you a fortune in the hardware store and think about it, dad will definitely appreciate this Christmas present more if itís homemade, more so if itís mad by you.

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