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Exchange Xmas Gifts

It would be safe to say that the tradition of exchanging Xímas gifts is as old as Christmas itself. Since the time that the three wise men appeared at Jesusí birth laden with frankincense and myrrh as gifts for the divine child, people have exchanged gifts on the eve of his birth. The joy is in giving as much as it is in receiving and people have taken that message to heart, so much so that many get a bad case of nerves when it comes to Christmas shopping. People complain that itís impossible to choose the perfect Christmas gift for their loved ones, either the
choices are too many or too less, it's too expensive or too tacky, and so on and so forth, till you want to shake them and scream ďit's really not that difficult.Ē It really isn't. For starters take a look at these amazing Christmas gifts.

Christmas Formula-1 Gift
If you have loads of dough and know somebody who is a Formula-1 enthusiast, then hereís a perfect gift you ought to get this Christmas. In its fifth year, this event is unique to the UK. Already featured on BBC's Top Gear, it is a rare opportunity to experience what only Alonso, Schumacher, Senna, Prost and an exclusive few have. To make this a truly unforgettable experience a 2-day hospitality package for two people is included in the price, which incidentally is £1369. Before the event both driver and guest enjoy a wonderful stay with complimentary evening meal in a beautiful Hotel. Purrrfect, isnít it?

Dell Axim X51v-624
Itís the age of the gizmos and hereís one that will have you reeling for days. Just as suitable for a globetrotter as it is for an entertainment-starved teenager, and before I forget, it makes for a dapper Christmas gift. The Dell Axim 51v is the ultimate handheld device that delivers performance, connectivity and a brilliant VGA display at an affordable price. It is sleek, stylish and elegant and packs all the features of your mobile and your PC. At £280, what more can you ask for?

Christmas Chocolates
It would be most unfair to leave chocolate out of the list of most popular gifts. For years it has been the gift of choice and holds on firmly to its prized position. Check out for the best chocolates in UK at the most affordable price. Try the Continental Satin Gift Box 1500G, covered in a soft chocolate satin-padded fabric, this extravagant box contains no less than 114 of the finest chocolates. These fine European recipes include favorites such as the light Viennese Truffle surrounded by Viennese chocolate and encrusted with sparkling sugar and Hazelnut Noisette, a lavish blend of crunchy and smooth praline layers. Give that special someone an amazing Christmas gift, and at only £40, itís a real steal.

Fine Wine Six Pack
You know what they say; men and wine get better with age! You canít force the men to grow but make sure that you always gift a wine of suitable age particularly to a wine connoisseur. When only the best matters then this great six-pack is the favored selection. W There are three bottles of Meursault, one of the best regarded villages of Burgundy's CŰte d'Or, from a fine local vigneron, and partnered it with three bottles of a top-flight St-Emilion from Bordeaux's right bank. And you can purchase this fabulous gift for just £130 at

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