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Christmas Wine Gift Ideas

Tangy white wine, fruity red wine, full bodied or delicate wine, sparkling wine, dry wine or a sweet wine are the general options available for wine lovers. This is one Christmas gift people never tire of receiving. Over the last couple of decades, the wine industry has grown so much that now it’s a new fad to try wines from vineyards located in different countries. In keeping with our constant efforts, we’ve compiled the best Wine gifts available for the upcoming Christmas season and they’re all great. Take a look!

Wine Share Gift
Here’s a gift that’ll reap benefits for years to come. Wine Share is the perfect gift for lovers of wine, who would like to be involved in its journey from vine to bottle, without having to own a vineyard. They can enjoy the fun of vineyard visits to see how the wine is made - even picking their own grapes if they wish to! Or they can simply savor the top-quality produce from their own row of vines.
Wine Share also has the distinction being the very first vine rental scheme in the world and is known to have produced many award winning wines. Sounds great, doesn’t it? You can buy a row of wines in a French vineyard for 5 years for just a one-time payment of £230. It sounds so enticing I think I’m going to buy a row of vines as a gift for myself! You can purchase membership over at

International Wine Challenge Red Mixed Case
The International wine challenge, now in its 24th year, has gone on to become one of the world’s most significant and influential wine competition. The wines are subjected to intense scrutiny by a panel of more than 350 experts who eventually decide upon that year’s winner in both the red and white wine category. Celebrate Christmas with some of the best wines in the world, the award winning wines of that particular year, in this case, 2006. Some of the wines that may be included are the 2004 winner of the Gold Medal Wolf Blass president’s selection, Jacob’s Creek – again a winner, and many more, each one better than the other. For just $36, this one’s a real steal.

Fine Wine Triple Pack
There’s something about wine, you can gift it to people year after year and it will still be appreciated. Sort of like chocolates, only better. Having said that, for a truly dapper Christmas gift opt for the Fine wine triple pack (available at When only the best will do, this superb trio is perfect. There is a Meursault, one of the best regarded villages of Burgundy's Côte d'Or, from a fine local vigneron, a top-flight St-Emilion from Bordeaux's right bank, and finally a bottle of the renowned Veuve Clicquot Champagne. For only £82, it is a fabulous gift for a wine connoisseur.


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