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Since candles were used to light trees until electric bulbs came about, a mat (UK) or "skirt" (US) was often placed on the floor below the tree to protect it by catching the dripping candle wax, and also to collect any needles that fall. A Christmas tree skirt is more decorative now than useful. Earlier it was used to protect the tree from dripping candles, though now it is most useful in hiding the sight of the Christmas tree stand, which while not a pleasant sight is important in holding up the tree in position. The Christmas tree

skirts these days are rather ornate, covered with fancy embroidery. It's hard to imagine that in days gone by it was just a piece of cloth meant to serve a specific purpose. The Christmas tree skirt can also be used to place a nativity scene, a Christmas village or a model train. Christmas presents too are generally placed on the skirt, circling the tree. Some people also prefer to place the presents under the skirt, particularly if it's a fancy embroidered skirt and small presents are hung from the tree branches.

A mat is placed under the Christmas tree stand while a Christmas tree skirt has a whole in the center and is therefore placed around the tree, and that is the basic difference between a Christmas tree mat and a Christmas tree skirt. Many times, in order to prevent scratches on the floor or water dripping on to it, an ordinary floor mat is placed under the Christmas tree skirt and the Christmas tree mat.

Christmas tree skirts covered with ornate embroidery or otherwise made of lush fabrics in bright colors or shiny metallic thread are de rigueur. However, it does sometimes draw the attention away from the Christmas tree itself if its too fancya nd therefore, you may want to use pastel and earthy hues to keep it simple!

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