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Christmas Tree Decorations

At the outset, it has to be mentioned that there is no rule of the thumb when it comes to decorating a Christmas tree. Every culture, almost every family has their own unique style of doing so, and thanks to the commercialization of the festival, Christmas tree decorations too are evolving at a rapid pace. Having said that, it is really difficult to recommend how one must decorate their Christmas tree as it depends on a lot of factors like placement, spacing and the general personality of the decorator.
One of the secrets to decorating Christmas trees in a stylish way is to be minimalist. To make sure that your tree looks elegant yet trendy, decorate it in just one or two colors. You could choose the colors you like, and of course make sure they look good on the tree in question. For instance, a white Christmas tree looks great when decorated with Colorful Christmas balls. As for a tree that is sky blue (obviously artificial), you may want to use glass balls that are a deeper shade of blue. And should anybody tell you that Christmas trees ought to be decorated only in gold and red, tell them to take a hike. You can decorate it like Darth Vaderís bedroom if you like. As mentioned earlier, it depends a lot on a personís attitude and personality.

Keep it personal
While styling a Christmas tree , the more personal it is, the better the impact. For instance, a chef decorating his tree with plastic forks and knives reflects his passion or a kid decorating the tree with his favorite candies which of course will be entirely gone by Christmas. You could use baked goods as a great way to personalize your Christmas tree. On an artificial Christmas tree. Christmas ornaments such as pink and yellow gumdrops or toothpicks will look awesome. For a red artificial pre lit Christmas tree, use homemade gingerbread men or short bread snowmen.

Christmas Tree lights
You would need to invest in a strand of bulb or diodes, if you intend to buy a natural tree. Christmas bulb strands come in so many different varieties of shapes and sizes. The vintage egg shape, tiny twinkling lights and rope lights are some of the more traditional Christmas bulb strands. If you buy an artificial Christmas tree, try to get one that is pre lit. These trees have a glow of their own because of the fiber optic needles and they look really pretty. White Christmas trees with fiber optics at the tip are especially beautiful. They look like angel feathers. Invest wisely in Christmas tree lights as you are going to be using them year after year.

The most basic Christmas tree ornament is the garland. Any kind of strand of objects that can be employed to circle a tree is called a garland. It's very simple to make garlands at home from cooked popcorn, holly berries or candy. In the markets, you can buy different kinds of garlands. On a white Christmas tree, red and green tinsel garlands look especially pretty . If you are nostalgic about the Ďgood olí daysí, you may consider decorating your tree with glass Christmas balls. Strands of tinsel can be hung from the branches to simulate icicles. And of course donít forget the traditional tree topper ornament, it could be a Christmas fairy, the star of Bethlehem or Santa Claus . Remember to place the larger ornaments at the bottom and smaller ones as you move up.

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