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It’s that time of the year again when all the little faces light up as Christmas draws very near. To a child’s imagination, nothing is bigger than Christmas. His mommy lets him eat all the candies he wants then, he gets gifts and nobody so much as checks him off during the holidays and of course no school. It’s like a child’s fantasy and thanks to the marketer’s exploitation of Christmas, kids these days can’t seem to think beyond Christmas toys.
No longer are toys, boring unimaginative ‘Mr. Bear’ type of specimen, but Christmas toys being unveiled these days are bold, exciting and so imaginative that loads of adults too are caught by surprise.

The good thing is that over the years, the Christmas toy industry has come under a lot of pressure to become more responsible for it churns out. Therefore, the toys manufactured are carefully assigned as per age groups and you can be sure what you are gifting is not only safe but of the best quality. There are hundreds of different kinds of dolls for the girls along with elaborate doll sets, little house, tea sets, closets, I expect they’d make a whole little doll city if they thought they could sell it. But fact remains, even after all these years, dolls remain the favorite Christmas toys for the girls, of course dolls these days are rather technologically advanced, and come with all sorts of extra feature.

Christmas toy options for boys are more varied though a little tricky, one wonders whether gifting them a GI Jone figure or a robot miniature would be inciting violence. Only a shrink would do that. But to be on the safe side, explore Christmas toys which are more harmless, such as probably a Lego set, which after all these years is still popular. Miniature car models too are very popular, as are the Goodyear blimps which I have to say I have spotted with more than an adult or two. Truth be told, the Christmas toy industry is huge and very competitive and as early as three months before Christmas each year, they start launching all the new toys for that season. So look into it, and but the best Christmas toy for your kids.

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