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Since Christmas falls in the middle of winter in Europe and America, there are very few who like to go out of their houses unless important. Therefore, the 25th of December is spent on catching up on all the Christmas special shows on television. Particularly in the US and the UK, this is a popular trend. Producers and channels spend a great deal and time to come up with Christmas special shows which will help them boost their TRPís and make a good deal of profit in the bargain. A lot of money is spent on advertising between these Christmas shows.
As far as American Christmas specials are concerned, they are usually a one time half hour specials aired sometime during the Christmas season. Some shows are an extension of the regular show featuring their characters in a Christmas related environment while other shows concentrate on celebrities, current issues and music. There are special animated Christmas shows to attract the children. Children make up a large bulk of the entire viewer ship so there are always some Christmas shows aimed specifically at them.

Some of the famous American Christmas shows so far have been, the first episode of the Simpsonís called ďSimpsonís roasting on an open fire,Ē Rudolph the red nosed reindeer, and Frosty the Snowman.

In the UK, a Christmas show is a special one off episode of a previous show that may or may not be running anymore. The episode may not necessarily be about Christmas, it may not be set during Christmas but it runs on Christmas day and is longer than the regular episodes. The Christmas shows usually follow a kind of theme, where the characters have to endure very unfestive attitude and environment on Christmas day. Sometimes the cast is flown off to an exotic location to shoot the Christmas show there, giving the episode extra credibility. Some of the popular British Christmas shows are Morecambe and Wise, The Office specials, and Thomas the Tank Engine & Friends: Thomas' Christmas Party.

  • Simpsonís Christmas Special Show
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