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Christmas Present for Wife

Ok so it’s Christmas again and as usual you are all at sea about what to gift your wife. It has to be something which says ‘I care’ and send out all the right messages. Quite a task, really. Here’s the best of what the Internet has to offer. This is as good as it gets. Stellar Christmas presents for your wife which will surely get you a peck or two and hopefully even more!
The Premium Chocolate Fountain
For the love of god, can you think of a better way to spoil a woman? Measuring 40cm high and with a professional food-grade stainless steel aluminum-encased heating element, this Mini Chocolate Fountain is the best on the market by a long shot. It's dishwasher safe, holds up to 1.5kg of chocolate, gives a constant steady and smooth chocolate flow, and assembles and cleans in seconds. This great chocolate fountain is one of those gifts which will definitely make you the hostess with the most-est. You can use it to dip marshmallows, strawberries or fruit, all of it is sure to taste heavenly and look great once it's been through the chocolate fountain. Score some major points in her good books by getting her this oh-so-sinful present this Christmas.

Omni Massage Roller
Want to pamper your lady this Christmas? Here’s the perfect solution which, by the way is also rather kind on your wallet. The massager is like the messiah of aching muscles, and what makes it so much more delightful is how simple it is to use. Its unique design makes it the most flexible rolling massager ever. And joy of joy - it's waterproof, so one can use it as it is, or with creams and massage oil, and with no internal parts, it won't wear out or jam. At only £9.95, it’s by far one of the great Christmas presents for your wife.

Hot Air Balloon
Does your wife have a crazy, adventurous streak? How about you indulge that side of her this Christmas by giving her a present which will go down in the annals of the ‘Greatest Christmas presents’ ever. So together you can sail in silent freedom at the limit of this world. With 360 visibility, your flight will feel uninhibited as you silently glide over the countryside. The wonder of balloon travel is that there's virtually no wind - because you're traveling with the wind, the air is blissfully silent. It's a surreal experience as that world below you appears as though encased in a glass globe with its perfect mountains, rivers and oceans. A camera or video is an absolute must. The flight lasts about an hour, and at the end of it you get to pop a bottle of Champagne to celebrate, and you'll receive a ballooning certificate to commemorate your day. It’s a bit steep as far as the price is concerned but hey, your wife’s totally going to love it.

IPod Nano
The iPod Nano is de rigueur these days, a must-have. Imagine a business card. Now make it thick enough to take a standard headphones jack... and that's it! Isn't it simply fabulous that this tiny, weightless device can hold up to 500 songs, that's almost 50 CD's full of great music. Not to mention it has all the regular features of iPod's . Astonishingly good sound, a full colour screen (and storage for 25,000 pictures), easy access to your music with the "Click Wheel", Podcasts, audio books, full integration with iTunes, Calendar and Contacts, World Clocks, Stopwatch, Games and loads more. A perfect Christmas present for your wife to carry along on her jogs, or listen to in the tube!


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