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Christmas Plays are plays that are performed in the run-up to Christmas. They usually have Christmas as the central theme of the story. Many plays focus on the bible and weave their tales around biblical stories. Some plays have a more contemporary setting, they are based in the modern world but the moral of all Christmas plays remain the same. Even the comedies have a message to give, which is usually one or more of the Ten Commandments.
Centuries ago, when televisions and radios were unheard of, people entertained themselves by performing Christmas plays. Christmas was looked forward to because people could watch traveling minstrels perform these entertaining plays. Most of the plays back then were performed as musicals. They were intermingled with hymns and carols which the people hummed along. Today, Christmas plays are full of dialogues and monologues and Christmas play musicals have become an exception rather than the rule.

However, even today most school follow a tradition of producing and directing at least one Christmas play each year. Many a times these plays are original and sometimes they fall back upon classic Christmas plays such as A Christmas Carol or The Gift Of Magi. Parents are invited to watch the play and the atmosphere is wrought with tense excitement. Christmas plays do that to people, it gives them a chance to be a part of the festive spirit and enjoy the season along with their fellow beings.

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