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Christmas Party

Christmas is the season of fun, frolic, festivities and parties. Over the years you have been invited to many Christmas parties, I am sure youíve even attended some of them and found that some are better than others. Like you must just love the office Christmas party held every year. But, donít you think its time to repay all that hospitality by hosting a Christmas Party yourself? Contrary to popular belief, hosting a party can be quiet a bit of fun really. Hereís how you organize a Christmas party, be it a massive gala or a small soiree.
Plan Early Start planning your party in early December. You will find that this gives you time to organize things well and at a lesser cost too. Zero in on the people you wish to invite and send them an invitation at least two weeks before the party. Its possible that many on your list of invitees would have other plans so ask them to RSVP. Once you have an idea of how many people are expected to attend, you can go ahead and start making the other preparations like planning your menu and setting a budget for food and decorations.

Christmas Decorations

Make sure that you decorate your house for the event. Since itís a Christmas party, there absolutely has to be a Christmas tree there. Decorate the tree with Christmas lights and the star of Bethlehem on top. Place it in a spot where it does not obstruct a guestís vision. Next you should light some Christmas Candles , it is safer to opt for the floating candles as they eliminate the danger of a fire. Put up some wreath and mistletoes on the doors, and use Christmas flowers like poinsettias to add that special Christmas cheer!

Christmas Treats
Since it is a Christmas party, it is appropriate to have some special Christmas snacks. That is not to say that your entire menu is a traditional Christmas fare, but ensure you have things like eggnog and roasted chestnuts which everyone just seems to love. The entire point of the party is to celebrate Christmas so having a few Christmas snacks on your menu will help.

Plan your activities

So all your guests have arrived, they seem to be having a good time, laughing and talking with each other while complementing you for the decorations and snacks. However, sooner or later they are going to get bored and it is imperative that you liven up the party before people start making a beeline for the door. How about singing Christmas carols or trimming the tree? Play secret Santa or some other Christmas party games.

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