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Christmas Pageants

Christmas pageants are cultural programmes organized to celebrate the significance of the Christmas festival. There is no thumb of rule when it comes to Christmas pageants. Some Christmas Pageants include a simple ceremony, like the Christmas Pageant of peace where the President lights the National Christmas tree each year. Other Christmas Pageants are religious in nature like the pageants organized by various churches which include scenes from the nativity being set up or the showing of a religious Christmas plays.
There are others still which are grand Christmas Parades like Toronto Santa Claus Parade; it is a Christmas pageant which is more like a street carnival.

Christmas pageants are mainly organized to get the community to celebrate Christmas together thereby spreading love and brotherhood. It is also the perfect advertising opportunity for large business concerns, particularly during the Christmas parades when they can sponsor floats which will carry the mascot or logo of their company, only lot larger. Christmas pageants are also organized by schools so that young children can participate in Christmas events and feel like a part of something larger. They organize Christmas Plays, Christmas Carols and of course all the great Christmas cookies that are baked and sold during Christmas.

Many of the Christmas Pageants that are being conducted for the last many years go on to become Christmas traditions in their country. For instance, the Christmas pageant of Peace is such an important Christmas tradition, one that gives an indication of the national mood right from the White House. Or for that matter, the Toronto Santa Claus Parade, it is hard to imagine Toronto without this Parade. You can learn a lot more about Christmas Pageants here.

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