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Christmas Food Gifts

Christmas has always been associated with celebration and joy. Each year people spend time with their families and exchange gifts with each others. The practice of exchanging gifts goes back to the time of the Magiís who bought precious gifts for the Baby Jesus. In reality, it is not so, the spate of gift giving is more influenced by American commercialization of the festival. Gift giving at Christmas was a trend introduced by some brilliant merchants and traders in the late 19th century and has continues ever since.
Christmas ought to be a time for being grateful to Our Lord and not for stressing over whether people are going to like your gifts. Instead, get together with your family this season and go back to the roots of what Christmas really is. Gift these amazing food gifts which can be shared by all of you and relished together.

Mince Pies

At first the oval shape of the Mince Pies represented the manger in which Jesus slept as a child, his waddling clothes being the top of the mince pie. That was in the past, today round shaped mince pies are relished either hot or cold. According to a belief in the Middle Ages, eating a mince pie everyday from Christmas till twelfth night (6th January) guaranteed happiness and a blissful life free of worries for the next 12 months. In UK, it is popular tradition for the children to leave out some mince pies with brandy for Father Christmas and for the reindeer a carrot. Enjoy this unique Christmas gift with your family.

Christmas Pudding

Traditionally a British Christmas dinner always ended with the Christmas (plum) pudding. King George I is credited for having re-introduces the Christmas pudding as a part of the traditional meal in 1714. Christmas pudding had evolved into something like what we ate today by the Victorian times. Over the years, many superstitions have surrounded Christmas Puddings. A popular superstition states that the Christmas pudding ought to be made using 13 ingredients which represent Jesus and his disciples. It was further believed that each family member had to stir the pudding with a wooden spoon to honor the three wise men. The decorative sprig of holly on the top of the pudding too represents Jesus' crown of thorns that he wore to his death.

In order to ensure a spectacular display, brandy is pored over the pudding and then lit. This creates a flambť. This is said to represent Jesus' love and power. Make this pudding as a gift for your family and relish it as you relive the story of Christ. This Creative Christmas gift is sure to make you very popular with your family.

Christmas Food Gift Basket
Commonly acknowledged as one of the best Christmas gifts ever, the Christmas food gift basket packs all the fun into a compact package. Fill it with Christmas candy, candy canes, few mince pies and decorate with confetti. Itís a sure fire hit when you canít think of anything else.

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