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In the twelfth month of the year, is the season we hold so dear, a time when everyone has Christmas in their hearts. A time for love and giving and for celebrating the joy that is Christmas. It is a part of our Christmas tradition now to exchange present of considerable material value. However legend has it that it was flowers from two homeless boys that outweighed all the fancy gifts bought by the three wise men at Jesus’ birth.
It has long been hailed as ‘the’ Christmas flower. It is also known as the Christmas Star. The flowers are also appropriately cloaked by a rather interesting legend. A Mexican girl who went by the name of Pepita was upset for she did not have any gift to give to Baby Jesus on his birthday. She plucked some wildflowers (Poinsettias) and bought them to the church where they miraculously bloomed into exotic red and green flowers. The congregation was convinced that they had witnessed a miracle and it reaffirmed their belief that a simple gift given to god with love will be just as well accepted as jewels.

Christmas Holly
Hollies are a very popular Christmas flower. The Holly tree is believed to be the tree of Christ’s cross. While the other trees in the forests defied this defilement by splintering into smithereens at the touch of an axe, the Holly allowed itself to be cut and molded into a cross. Since then the flower has become a symbol of the Passion of Christ and is used as a Christmas decoration so that people may look at it and reflect upon that Passion. German’s refer to holly as ‘Christdorn’ because they believe that a painful crown of Holly branches was woven around Christ’s head. That is where the Holly berries are said to have got there color, it is believed that they use to be white but Christ’s blood left them with a permanent Crimson stain

Rosemary was connected with the Virgin Mary wand it was also believed to be attributed with special powers that could ward away evil spirits. It is also sometimes called the friendship plant and it was the most common garnish put on the boar's head that rich people ate for Christmas dinner in the middle ages! It is also known as the remembrance herb and is used to remember the birth of Jesus on Christmas. In the late 1700's a special Christmas Rosemary Service was started in Ripon Cathedral School where the schoolboys sold a red apple, with a sprig of Rosemary on top of it, to the members of the congregation.

Some of the other popular Christmas Flowers are Ivy, honeysuckles and laurels. Florists report that sales rise very rapidly as Christmas approaches and Christmas flower delivery is done till late on Christmas Eve. Christmas Flower bouquets and Christmas Flower Arrangements do make for a Unique Christmas Gift . Artificial Christmas Flowers are also very popular.

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