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Christmas Electronics Present

Most ladies are floored when it comes to buying an electronic Christmas present for a tech savvy guy. Itís not that difficult really, especially these days with the advent of so many tech magazines and sites which are set up for the basic purpose of reviewing these products. If still not sure, you could enlist the help of a friend who knows a thing or two about gadgets. For now though, take a look at the latest gadgets rocking the markets this Christmas.
iPod Alarm Clocks
The JBL On Time reproduces all the great music stored on your iPod with amazing clarity thanks to the five speakers built into its vertical ring. It also automatically charges your docked player. To give you loads of different options to choose your music from, the On Time features an AM/FM clock radio. You can program its alarm to wake you up to an electronic tone, your favorite station, or even songs from your iPod. This is the stuff of a music loverís dream. Imagine being woken up to the sound of Mozart or 50 cents, if you like. A great Christmas present for anyone with a tech streak.

Keypix Digital Picture Key chain
Download pictures from your PC onto the key chain with the included software and display them anytime. The key chain includes a built-in, rechargeable lithium battery. You can look through the pictures as if it were on any other digital album. You no longer need to carry pictures in your wallet and then fumble around to show them when you meet an old friend. This key chain is so much sleeker than that not to mention useful. The Digital Photo Key chain puts up to 56 digital photos at your fingertips and displays them on a 1" full-color LCD screen. Gift this to your Dad this Christmas, heís sure to love it.

Nike Air Zoom Moire + Men's - Black/Red
Tune your run. Download your favorite workout music to your iPod nano then place the Sensor into this Nike Air Zoom Moire + men's running shoe. During your workout you can get Feedback from your iPod nano thanks to the sensors. iTunes automatically uploads your workouts to, where you can see your progress and set and track your goals. Now thatís some way of doing a workout. A great Christmas present for anyone who loves to workout to the tunes of their favorite music. At $99, itís as good as it gets.

Palm Computing Palm Z22
Designed by the people who made the original Palm Pilot, the Palm Z22 organizer is aimed specifically at those who have no idea about the wonders of a handheld, the things it can do. Its of superior quality and looks amazing. It comes with simple tutorials that help you navigate your way around this equipment. Just a touch of a button and it brings up all the details you need.

Christmas Tech Presents
For a gadget lover you could buy any one of the following Christmas presents, Pen Scanners for Copious Note Takers, Hot New Non-iPod MP3 Players, iPod nano Accessories, Super-Slim Credit Card-Size Multi-Tools, Hottest New Cell Phones, Hyperpen Desktop Writing Tablets, Super Slim Digital Cameras, Funny Attitude Tees for Tech Gurus, Nike+ iPod-Enabled Running Shoes, Apple Mac Mini Personal Computer, and Multi-Language Talking Translators. All these are great Christmas presents for teens.

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