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Christmas Decoration Ideas

Christmas Decoration Ideas

Christmas is here and it's the perfect time to display your creative side and also crafty skills. You can decorate your house and surroundings this year on your own. There is no need to order stuff online as you can give warm welcome to your friends by making interesting decorative items yourself. All you need is to have the right accessories for decoration. Find below the best Christmas decoration ideas which can light up your house and surroundings in the most unique way -

Christmas Ornaments Decoration -

Old keys ornaments –

We often lose the old keys but many a time when we replace locks we have duplicates of the keys which go waste. This time you can use all old keys of the house for Christmas decoration. Collect all old keys of the house and paint them with beautiful colors. You can also add glitters to them once the paint gets dried. Take the keys and colorful ribbons and tie at them at the end of each key. Hang the keys on the tree using those ribbons. Also, wrap the tree with the same ribbons. Do not forget to take long ribbons.

Snowflake wine cork ornament –

This is considered as one of the most genius creation from the waste. This ornament is extremely easy to make. All you need to do is collect the corks placed at the top of wine bottles and place them in shape of snowflakes. Once you are able to place them properly stick them together. Tie a ribbon or a clip at one corner of the snowflake in order to hang them at the tree.

Christmas Wreath Decoration -

Christmas Wreath Decoration

Snowflake wreath –

There are several ways of making beautiful wreaths but this time we are presenting a wreath which can be made by beginners as well. All you need to do is collect pieces of a puzzle and keep them together in the shape of a snowflake. Now, paste those pieces together in order to make a circular wreath. All you need to do is paste silver glitter over the pieces of the puzzle and decorate it to make it appear more beautiful. You can also paste mirrors for giving it a more shiny touch. When all the pieces of the puzzle will combine together they will make a beautiful wreath made of snowflakes.

Your name letter wreath –

This time do not go for heavily decorated wreath rather keep it simple and make wreaths using the initials of your name and the name of your family members. All you need to do is use cardboard and carve the initials of a name on it. Cut those initials name and stick them together in a circular shape. You can decorate it further with stars and little balls.

Christmas Out Door Decorations

Christmas Out Door Decorations
  • Arrival of Christmas marks joy and happiness. People all over the world celebrate Christmas with great festivity and fervor. Christmas decoration is one of the major parts of Christmas celebration. These decorations give a festive look to your home. Decorate your home with beautiful ornaments, gifts and candles. Decorate the Christmas tree with bells, candies and stars.
  • Using a Christmas theme will make the outdoor Christmas decorations much more attractive and great. There are lots of choices available to you like period-wise, favorite color or Christmas character.
  • After this just select the Christmas tree decorations, holiday music,Christmas menu, invitations and what to wear for the Christmas party to suit your theme and you are done.


  • Snowflakes look good for a Christmas party being held outdoors. One can use snowflake ornaments, cotton snow and tin icicles for the decoration on trees, seating arrangement and even table setting.

Santa Sledge and Reindeers

Santa Sledge and Reindeers
  • Adorn the seating area in your backyard during the Christmas party.
  • A forest theme is much easier to achieve in a large lawn area along with pinecones, oak leaves, raffia bows, twig garlands and clusters of berries.
  • Decorate the Christmas tree beautifully and place it outside the house. Adorn the tree with mint candies, bead garland and candy canes. A golden star on the top of the tree will look very elegant.
  • You can also put a colorful gingerbread boy or girl as Christmas outdoor decorations. This set looks wonderful and is one of children's favorite.
  • A life size Santa Claus is one of the most important symbols of Christmas. The Santa Claus decoration is made up of a strong durable material and is painted with exterior enamel paint. This large outdoor Christmas decoration is bound to attract the attention of the passerby.
  • Keep a Rudolph, the red nosed reindeer for Christmas outdoor decorations. Rudolph is mostly decorated with mini lights. The holographic material is attached to a white painted wire frame. The colorful holographic material looks great during the day and with the lights turned on at night the colorful lawn decorations shines brightly for all passersby.
  • Choose a rustic theme for wood cabins, lodges and country farmhouses, complete with crackling fire and raffia bows.
  • If you live in a region where you are blessed with enough snow, then you can also build a cute snowman on the eve of Christmas.

Christmas Lights Decorations

Christmas Lights Decorations

Decorating a Christmas tree with lights and ornaments and the decoration of the interior of the home with garlands and evergreen foliage, particularly holly and mistletoe, are common traditions. In Australia, North and South America and some parts of Europe, it is a Christmas tradition to decorate the outside of homes with Christmas lights, snowmen and other Christmas figures.

  • Christmas lights form a very special part of the Christmas decorations. Lights decorating the trees and candles illuminate the festival giving it a special aura. Christmas lights form a very special part of the Christmas decorations. You can decorate the Christmas trees with lights and give your party a special aura.


Poinsettia is a traditional star shaped beautiful Christmas flower. It is used during the Christmas festival for its holy and cheery spirit.

Wreaths & Garlands:

The traditional forms of Christmas decorations are Wreaths and Garlands. These are generally placed to welcome the guests.

Colored Glass Balls:

Colored glass balls of different shapes and sizes can be used as ornaments for the Christmas decorations.

Christmas nativity sets:

The Christmas nativity sets show that the birth of Christ is in vogue.


Stockings in beautiful shapes and sizes are normally hung around the Christmas tree representing hope and good luck.

Christmas Candle Decorations

Seaside Candle Decoration

Pour wax with a wick into a large seashell and then light up the Candles in the bathroom, for a seaside theme. It will definitely calm your senses and also give a tropical feel to your Christmas Decorations.

Christmas Candles and Vases

For the Christmas candle and vases decoration, first light small candles inside milk glass vases and place them high on the shelves. This decoration not only gives a pale white glow but also creates a perfect atmosphere for a quite Christmas evening.

Lantern Candle Decoration

Well if you are planning to give your house a new look, this Christmas season, then place the lighted candles on each step of your staircase. You can also decorate your Christmas tree by putting these candles around the Christmas tree.

Christmas Candle Holders

China cups, saucers, old candy, tart tins and various other household goods make excellent candleholders. You can also paint these items with various Christmas colors to give them a festive look.

Nighttime Christmas Candle Decoration

For a nighttime Christmas candle decoration, you can fill the Mason jars with sand and insert tapers and place them around outdoor porches for a nighttime glow.

Christmas Cake Decorations

Christmas is regarded as a time to celebrate and enjoy. Stunning Christmas lights and decorations mark the arrival of one of the most joyous occasions. The festival of Christmas is also marked with the delicious and sumptuous Christmas recipes. Among these recipes the most famous is a beautifully decorated Christmas cake. The cake will reflect your love and warmth. In order to make your cake a little more attractive, apply your creativity or you can also follow the tips and ideas given below:

  • It is always advisable to keep the things within your limit. Do not exceed your budget or else you would not be able to enjoy the Christmas celebration. In order to decorate your Christmas cake, you must do something simple and beautiful.
  • For the decoration of your Christmas cake, you may go in for the cake mixes or a ready-made cake. A perfect way for the Christmas cake decorations is the roll out icing.
  • You can also personalize your Christmas cake. Personalized Christmas cake is a perfect way to make the recipient happy.
  • A unique way to decorate your Christmas cake is the sprinkling of glitters or sparkles. This is an ideal way for the Christmas cake decorations.

Christmas Table Decorations

Christmas centerpieces may be simple yet refined and attractive. They add new look to the table arrangements too. Candles, cranberries, fresh and artificial fruits can be the main attractions of your Christmas décor. Table centerpieces not only look colorful but also add vibrancy to the decorations.

Below are given some ideas and tips for the Christmas table decorations.

  • Buy an artificial or a real Christmas flower bouquet from the florist and place it in the middle of the Christmas table. This would be a great Christmas table decoration idea.
  • If you are interested in creating some Christmas centerpieces, then you may go for the candles. They would be perfect for Christmas table decoration.
  • Purchase one huge decorative bowl and place it on the center of the table. Place gilded fruits and pinecones in the bowl. Now place pine garland across the base of the bowl. Then spread tablecloth, place mats, napkins and table runner on the table. This would be a great Christmas table decoration idea.
  • As an alternative for your table decoration centerpiece, try making a mini Christmas tree. Instead of roses-try spraying flowers gold and then stud the tree with the gold silk flowers.
  • Buy tons of gold chocolates coins and spread them around the center of the table. Do this before the lunch or dinner commences. They look great and keep the chocoholics happy too.

Christmas Party Decorations

  • Christmas decorations form an important part of Christmas celebration. In order to decorate your house for a Christmas party, apply a few significant tips. Get into the spirit of the festive holiday mood with vibrant Christmas party decorations. Below are given some tips and ideas for your Christmas party decoration.
  • Place small and cute Christmas trees in the party room. Add candy canes and popcorn strings on the Christmas tree. This would make a great Christmas party decoration.
  • If you are looking for a centerpiece, then decorate small Christmas trees with candies. This Christmas decoration idea is perfect for making your living room look spectacular.
  • In order to set the festive mood, you may go for light strings, fireplaces and scented candles.
  • Another Christmas party decoration idea is hanging the Christmas stockings. Fill the Christmas stockings with Christmas gifts and presents.

Here are some Christmas party decoration ideas.

Oversized Christmas Tree Confetti

These fantastic Christmas confetti pieces are 2” tall and are sure to attract the attention of all your guests. From the banquet tables to invitations, these are the best looking way to add that holiday love to your parties.
1.Package contains .5oz of confetti
2.Made of Foil
3.Larger pieces measure 2"

Poinsettias Confetti

You can give your parties and your invitations a little bit of that extra holiday flare with the Poinsettias Confetti. The red and green are known to be the classic Christmas colors and will dress your banquet tables and liven up those boring invitations.
1.Package contains .5oz of confetti
2.Made of Foil

Merry Christmas Confetti

Sprinkle this Merry Christmas Confetti over your banquet table, your dinner table and even put it inside your Christmas cards. Your family and friends will get a kick out of it.
1.Package contains .5oz of confetti
2.Made of Foil

Country Moose Confetti

Whether or not you are decorating your whole party with the Country Moose collection, these Country Moose confetti's will add a nice winter-bound touch to all the Christmas festivities. Place it on the table or in your invitation.

1.Made of Plastic
2.Package contains. 5oz of confetti

Christmas Lawn Decorations

Beautiful Christmas decorations form an important part of Christmas. Dazzling lights mark the arrival of Christmas. While decorating the entire home, do not forget the lawn. Christmas lawn decorations require immense planning and preparation.

Below are given some tips and ideas for Christmas lawn decorations.

  • Glittering Christmas lights will make your Christmas celebration simply outstanding. While doing the lawn decorations, spread the light all over.
  • Another great idea for the Christmas lawn decorations is the colored lighting options. You may go in for the colored lights, white lights, motion lights or the lighted reindeer.
  • Halogen bulbs are another great component for the Christmas lawn decorations.
  • Christmas lawn decoration is regarded incomplete without the snowflake. You may go for the cotton snow or the snowflake ornament.
  • You can make your Christmas party simply rocking by making some smacking Christmas recipes. This bar-be-que party will be an integral part of Christmas lawn decoration.
  • There must be adequate protection of both the lighting and music system during the Christmas lawn decoration.

Here are some Christmas lawn decoration ideas

Santa And His Crew Whirling Lawn Decorations

Wish a merry Christmas to your loved ones with our Santa and his crew lawn decoration. Three reindeer pull Santa and his sled across the top of this whirling lawn sign. This festive piece of lawn décor will turn in the wind and is sure to entertain your guests this Christmas season.

Christmas Treats Catch A Breeze Decorations

This two candy canes and ginger man give this Christmas lawn decoration a pleasant and festive look. When the wind blows, this decoration spins. This lawn arrangement looks fabulous in both snowy and warm, sunny lawn. Add a touch of holiday cheer to your lawn with this Christmas treats catch a breeze decoration.

Happy Holiday Lawn Art

Celebrate the holiday season by displaying this festive Christmas lawn decoration. This lawn sign gives a clear happy holiday message with its green Christmas tree on a red background. Give your lawn décor a Christmas boost.

Commercial Christmas Decorations Ideas

The different ways in which corporate and other buildings can be decorated using commercial Christmas decorations are given below:

Building Front MountsThose looking to decorate something at the front or the face of the building, they can make use of these building front mounts which will surely attract attentions to their business.

Giant Commercial DecorationsIf you want some Christmas commercial decoration for both internal and external decoration then these giant commercial decorations will serve you the best. These decorations generally are hand painted as they show personal effort and theses are made up of strong fiberglass resin. Commercial Giant TreesThe size of these commercial giant trees as the name suggest is big from 14' to over a 100' in height. If you planning to decorate shopping malls, hotels, Cities, parks, zoos or any other place then these commercial giant trees can be used.

Street Lines These can help you to decorate small town square.

Office Decoration Ideas

You can try out some of these Christmas office decoration ideas as -

  • To make your office Christmas decoration more fascinating, first work out on a theme that you would like to highlight.
  • Decorate the entrance door of the office with wrapping papers, tinsel sticks, gold and silver roping.
  • Christmas centerpieces along with circular floral wreath and wonderful scented candles can serve as a unique office decoration for Christmas.
  • Artificial poinsettias, Christmas wreaths, Christmas garland and weeping cedar coronal makes your office Christmas decoration look perfect.
  • Christmas office party decoration can be easily done with classic tooter blowouts, jingle bells, party streamers, sparkling Christmas confetti and snow to sprinkle on your desk and office party tables and more importantly festive hats and cheery head boppers to wear at the office party.

Inexpensive Christmas Decorations

Birth of Jesus Christ marks the arrival of Christmas. It is an occasion of joy and happiness. People all over the world celebrate this occasion by giving beautiful Christmas gifts to each other. But with the advancement of times, the spirit of Christmas has gone through a considerable change. Christmas decorations form an important part of the Christmas celebrations.

If you don't have a huge budget, then you can go in for Inexpensive Christmas decorations. Below are given some tips and ideas for a inexpensive Christmas decoration.

  • It is always advisable to organize all your Christmas decorations. This would help you in saving a lot of time. Advance preparation is a great way for the cheap Christmas decorations.
  • You can also save space by opting for appropriate boxes and stack them in an appropriate manner.
  • Another very Inexpensive Christmas decoration idea is opting for the previous year Christmas lights and decorations.
  • Plastic storage containers are cheaper and durable as compared to the cardboards. Moreover they are resistant to moisture as compared to the cardboards. Plastic storage containers are ideal for inexpensive Christmas decorations.
  • Real flowers are ideal way for Christmas decoration. But the real flowers are very expensive as compared to the artificial flowers. You may go silk flowers for the Christmas decoration. They are ideal inexpensive Christmas decorations.
  • Snowflakes: You probably must have made these snowflakes in the grade school, but they are still every bit as pretty. Cut out a circle of white paper. Fold in half, then in three equal sections. Cut snips, triangles, squares out of each side, being careful not to cut completely across. Open and tape onto the windows and doors.
  • Garlands can be easily strung with a needle, strong thread and any assortment of these items: popcorn, Styrofoam packing “peanuts”, buttons, beads, cranberries, cheerios, charms, you name it. You can even make garlands out of the paper clips. Use your imagination.
  • Make brown paper bag ornaments! You basically cut out 2 cookie cutter shapes- gingerbread men, trees, stars, stockings, etc. Paint the top one like a cookie, glue 2 shapes together part way around and stuff to make puffy. Spray when dry with a shiny coat, and add a wire loop through the top that is curled around a pencil on both ends. If you want add a raffia or ribbon bow to the loop. They're really easy and inexpensive. You can even make full size stockings or use larger shapes to hold gifts. At the grocery store remember to say "paper" instead of "plastic".
  • Think of that shiny side with all the pretty Christmas lights, they really are pretty. Take ribbon and make a loop, glue it to the printed side of one CD then glue the printed side of another CD to the CD with the loop. Be sure the loop is large enough to hang on tree limbs. Then take photos of the kids, grandchildren, the pets and cut them into circles just large enough to cover the clear circle and hole in the CD. Do the other side with another photo. Use old Christmas cards if you don't want to cut up your photos.
  • Some of the best decorations on the eve of Christmas are hand made. Laces are bright and make for a very elegant Christmas decorations. You can put them on wreaths and as a tree topper. They sell for big bucks, but all you need is the ribbon and florist wire to make one. With long streamers, they look nice on the top of a tree.
  • A ribbon shedder makes for a cheap Christmas decoration. Take a length of white ribbon about 3 to 4 feet long and hold on to one end and run the shredder down the rest of it, so you have a 2 or 3 inch piece that is hanging in shreds. This applied to a tree after it is decorated gives it a finishing touch. The tree doesn't have to be as fully decorated. Put as many pieces of this on the tree as needed to give it a cover.

Christmas Wedding Decorations

Christmas is a festive occasion, a time for get together and enjoy in each other's company. With this in your mind, what better time is there to get married than during the Christmas holiday season? The best part of having a Christmas wedding however is that decorating is a breeze. A beautiful Christmas wedding adds style, fun and drama to your wedding day.


1.Design your wedding cards in Christmas shapes like baubles, Christmas trees or Angels for the wedding.
2.Use Christmas cards as invitations.
3.Send your invitations disguised as Christmas gifts in the small boxes accompanied by a small decoration.


1.Play Christmas music before the wedding ceremony.
2.Ask a children's choir to sing at the wedding ceremony. Include the popular Christmas songs in the music played at the wedding.


1.Make each layer of a square cake look like a Christmas gift, with ribbons and Christmas decorations.
2.Place a centerpiece “church” on the top tier of the cake and decorate it with angels and bells.

Christmas Wedding Favors

1.Personalized the Christmas crackers.
2.Wrap the small gifts of chocolates as miniature Christmas presents and have them handed out by Father Christmas.
3.Fill the Christmas stockings with potpourri or candy canes.


  • Arrive at the wedding in style in a white limousine decorated with ribbons and festive wreathes or the garlands of greenery for your Christmas Wedding.
  • Arrive by a horse drawn carriage with coach and harness decorated with Christmas foliage and lots of chiming bells.

Finishing Touches

  • Keep pens and paper at each table and have a centerpiece of Father Christmas with an open sleigh and a note to encourage guests to write messages or advice for the newly weds.
  • Gather all the guests around a Christmas tree and sing Christmas Carols.
  • Hire some hand bell ringers to play Christmas carols for the guests.
  • Make a Santa Claus arrive with the presents for the children. This will set the spirit of Christmas and will also serve as a perfect Christmas wedding decoration.

    Unique Christmas Decorations

    Christmas time means a holiday full of cheer, family and guests and what better talent to show off your creative talent than by decorating your house in some beautiful homemade Christmas decorations that will give your guests something to admire, discuss and chat over. Below are given some tips and ideas for a unique Christmas decoration.

    • These days' themed trees are immensely popular among the people all over the world. It's a unique Christmas decoration idea.
    • You can create unique Christmas decoration by adding distinct hobbies to the Christmas tree. You can adorn your Christmas tree with teddy bear, angel, doll, boating, golfing or skiing.
    • Another very unique Christmas decoration idea is the current interest and activities of your family. This would be a great unique Christmas decoration idea.
    • Gingerbread artifact is another unique Christmas decoration idea. Get some red glass balls, candy canes, red velvet bows, and gingerbread cookies. Now place beautiful white bead garland and a white teddy bear over it. This would be a unique Christmas decoration idea.
    • Secret garden is another unique Christmas decoration idea. If you love gardening then this would be a great idea for you. You may go for natural raffia, fresh ivy and flower seed packets.
    • A snowman themed Christmas decoration is one of the most popular Christmas decoration idea. Well if you want to create a wintry look then add some snowflakes.
    • In order to decorate your table, try out something, which looks very simple and elegant. Place some pine cones into a large white bowl or platter dish on the table, sprinkle some cinnamon or pine oil on to emphasize the seasonal atmosphere.
    • For your Christmas tree decorations, avoid an overcrowded busy looking Christmas tree try decorating your tree in a theme using just white decorations or be daring and try colors like blue and purple to give your Christmas tree a modern, sleek look. Shop around and take your time in inexpensive stores for single, unique Christmas decorations. Don't avoid the expensive stores for decorations, as quite often you will be pleasantly surprised at some of their low cost decorations.
    • We all love wrapping the gifts, though not quite as much as receiving the presents. Decorate your Christmas gift with unique wrapping to awe your loved ones. Use printed Christmas cloth as wrapping instead of paper and decorate with simple bows, or try using stamps and paints to decorate your own brown paper with a Christmas theme and attach some edible gift tags on.
    • Gift baskets and food hampers are usually the gifts that we give to someone who is hard to buy for or our work companions and bosses, however they can be expensive and most of the time contains unwanted items. So its better to make your own gift baskets. Purchase some baskets then decide what your basket will include like how about making a chocolate basket, cookie Hamper, Beauty basket or a man's shaving basket. Take the time to shop around for sale items to fill your basket and try sticking to a color theme where possible as it sets the basket off with a look of a well planned and designed gift.

    Christmas Decorations for Kids

    Make this Christmas celebration special by involving your kids for decoration. It is often seen that the kids make one of the most beautiful Christmas cards, Christmas tree ornaments and wreaths. Moreover, Christmas decoration with kids will be quite helpful as well as creative. Kids would help you in creating beautiful Christmas gifts.

    Below are given some tips and ideas for the Christmas decorations for kids.

    • You can make some beautiful Christmas wreaths for kids.
    • In order to make Christmas wreaths, get a few paper plates. Cut these plates from middle by leaving rim that is approximately 3 inches wide. Base for the Christmas wreath is ready. Now, let the kids paint the plate. On the top, paste decorating materials.
    • You may go for a varied range of Christmas decorating materials like feathers, pinecones, popcorn, hard candies and origami paper.
    • While doing the Christmas decorations for kids, you may go for the candy canes for making the reindeers. The face of the reindeer will be made by candy cane's handle. At the end of candy cane's handle, paste a small red bobble. Now add two eyes.
    • Traces of small kids will also be useful in making the reindeers.
    • Christmas stockings full of the Christmas gifts are perfect for Christmas decoration for kids.