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No other festival in the world has captured the imagination of the masses, the way Christmas has. Little wonder then how artifacts and ornaments associated with Christmas have come to become prized possessions. Limited edition Christmas collectibles sell out like hot cakes, faster than you can say Rumplestiltskin. Many times, these objects gain so much importance that they end up becoming extremely valuable. They also make for great Christmas gifts. Lets take a look at some Christmas collectibles which are truly worth their price.

Harrods 2006 Alexander Christmas Bear
This one’s right up there on the collector’s lists. Well, ladies and gentleman, fasten your seat belts for the 2006 limited edition of Harrods Alexander Christmas Bear has just arrived. The lovable Alexander has turned 21 this year and for those of you’ll who’ve been diligently collecting the bears for the last 20 years, this one’s a must-have. This warm fluffy thing comes with a trendy green jumper and his little friend tucked into his pocket. Both the bears sport gold Harrods embroidery on their left paw. At just £24.95, this one’s a real steal, so get your hands on this limited edition bear as soon as you can.

Spode Christmas Tree Star Dish
Harold Holdway, a young designer at Spode's England office has his task cut out for him in 1938 when he was asked to come up with a design for a Christmas pattern for the American market. But he had never seen a Christmas tree that was decorated! In the first sketch that he made, the presents were hanged from the branches. He wondered whether that would cause them to droop. He modified the sketches when he came to know that the American Christmas tradition was to place gifts under the tree. Decorating the top f the tree with a jolly St. Nick was another tradition kick started by Holdway. It was and still is an icon of sorts. That was the starting of the Christmas tree collectible decor. Products bearing the Spode’s tree design are collector’s items all over the world now and some of the vintage ones fetch in thousands of pounds. You can find many of these items at extremely affordable rates at e-bay.

Faberge Limoges; "Christmas Tree" Hinged Egg Box
When it comes to genuine collectibles, the House of Faberge has always delivered. Amongst the best craftsmanship in the world, the Faberge eggs are the stuff of a collector’s dreams. One of the best Christmas collectibles for 2006 is the limited edition ‘Faberge Limoges’. This beauty depicts a Christmas tree and is heavily gold plated in 24K and all inset Austrian crystals, this piece is sure to increase in value. This great egg's measurements are 2 3/4"H x 2 1/8"D. Not only does it come with a satin lined presentation box but also with original papers of authenticity. Be prepared to shell out anything between $350-$400.

Musical Cardinals Snow Globe
You can be sure that this baby will grace you home for many years. The cardinal globe is balanced on a base of pine needles and the beautiful snowy cones and plays the music of "White Christmas". The glitter snow swirls longer than in most snow globes. Wind up to play music. 4"W x 5 1/2"H. At just $24.99, this Christmas collectible is worth having.

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