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Christmas Angels

If you are well versed with the story of Christmas then surely you are aware of the role that angels have played in the biblical story. They are ideally messengers of God and are always depicted in a manner that shows extreme calm and serenity. They stand for and signify love, peace, and innocence. It is believed that they are the special few chosen by god to fulfill his will and convey his messages to his children on earth. The Angels too have been divided into various ranks, much like hierarchy upon earth.
The Seraphim and Cherubim angels constitute the highest order of angels, then there’s the Archangel who is chief amongst all the angels, the undisputed leader. All the world’s greatest announcements are made by the Guardian angels who are said to appear before mankind from time to time.

Coming back to the story of Christmas and the Christmas angels, let’s recount the role they played in unfolding lord’s legacy upon this earth. It was Angel Gabriel who appeared before Mary and informed her that God had chosen her womb to bring his in to the earth to bring peace and love to his people. An angel also appeared to Joseph in his dream telling him the very same thing so that he would never doubt the Virgin Mary. During that treacherous ride to Bethlehem, the angels accompanies Joseph and Mary all the way singing sweetly and when they found the little shed to stay in, the angels cleaned it and tried to bring some order to it.

When Jesus was born, it was two angels who informed the shepherd that their king, their savior has been born and guided the shepherds to the shed where Baby Jesus lay. And it was also an angel who informed Joseph of the urgent need to flee into Egypt to save his family from the evil Herod. A closer study of the bible will depict even more instances of Angels delivering messages of God to the people. Those Angels who had a large role to play in the birth of Jesus are known as Christmas Angels.

Christmas Angels are an integral part of the entire Christmas panorama. The tables are elaborately decorated with ornaments of Christmas angels and they adorn the festivity in their fancy colors. One can spot them everywhere from Christmas cards to crockery, to a Christmas tree topper and even being mentioned in Christmas Music.

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