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Cheap Christmas Decorations

Birth of Jesus Christ marks the arrival of Christmas. It is an occasion of joy and happiness. People all over the world celebrate this occasion by giving beautiful Christmas gifts to each other. But with the advancement of times, the spirit of Christmas has gone through a considerable change. Christmas decorations form an important part of the Christmas celebrations.

If you don’t have a huge budget, then you can go in for cheap Christmas decorations. Below are given some tips and ideas for a cheap Christmas decoration.
1.It is always advisable to organize all your Christmas decorations. This would help you in saving a lot of time. Advance preparation is a great way for the cheap Christmas decorations.

2.You can also save space by opting for appropriate boxes and stack them in an appropriate manner.

3.Another very cheap Christmas decoration idea is opting for the previous year Christmas lights and decorations.

4.Plastic storage containers are cheaper and durable as compared to the cardboards. Moreover they are resistant to moisture as compared to the cardboards. Plastic storage containers are ideal for cheap Christmas decorations.

5. Real flowers are ideal way for Christmas decoration. But the real flowers are very expensive as compared to the artificial flowers. You may go silk flowers for the Christmas decoration. They are ideal cheap Christmas decorations.

6. Snowflakes: You probably must have made these snowflakes in the grade school, but they are still every bit as pretty. Cut out a circle of white paper. Fold in half, then in three equal sections. Cut snips, triangles, squares out of each side, being careful not to cut completely across. Open and tape onto the windows and doors.

7. Garlands can be easily strung with a needle, strong thread and any assortment of these items: popcorn, Styrofoam packing “peanuts”, buttons, beads, cranberries, cheerios, charms, you name it. You can even make garlands out of the paper clips. Use your imagination.

8.Make brown paper bag ornaments! You basically cut out 2 cookie cutter shapes- gingerbread men, trees, stars, stockings, etc. Paint the top one like a cookie, glue 2 shapes together part way around and stuff to make puffy. Spray when dry with a shiny coat, and add a wire loop through the top that is curled around a pencil on both ends. If you want add a raffia or ribbon bow to the loop. They're really easy and inexpensive. You can even make full size stockings or use larger shapes to hold gifts. At the grocery store remember to say "paper" instead of "plastic".

9.Think of that shiny side with all the pretty Christmas lights, they really are pretty. Take ribbon and make a loop, glue it to the printed side of one CD then glue the printed side of another CD to the CD with the loop. Be sure the loop is large enough to hang on tree limbs. Then take photos of the kids, grandchildren, the pets and cut them into circles just large enough to cover the clear circle and hole in the CD. Do the other side with another photo. Use old Christmas cards if you don't want to cut up your photos.

10. Some of the best decorations on the eve of Christmas are hand made. Laces are bright and make for a very elegant Christmas decorations. You can put them on wreaths and as a tree topper. They sell for big bucks, but all you need is the ribbon and florist wire to make one. With long streamers, they look nice on the top of a tree.
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11. A ribbon shedder makes for a cheap Christmas decoration. Take a length of white ribbon about 3 to 4 feet long and hold on to one end and run the shredder down the rest of it, so you have a 2 or 3 inch piece that is hanging in shreds. This applied to a tree after it is decorated gives it a finishing touch. The tree doesn't have to be as fully decorated. Put as many pieces of this on the tree as needed to give it a cover.

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