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Artificial Christmas Tree

Artificial Christmas trees are extremely popular, particularly in the United States, where despite their unrealistic look and scent, they are considered convenient and less expensive as compared to real trees. Most of these Christmas trees are often pre decorated with the help of Christmas lights while some of these trees remain to be decorated . After Christmas, they can be disassembled into a compact form and put away till next Christmas. Artificial trees are a necessity in some rented homes where dried leaves
pose as a fire hazard, thereby prompting many landlords to prohibit real trees. They are also considered more appropriate for an official setting. Lets take a look at the different type of Artificial Christmas trees.

Feather Trees
Tabletop feather trees were the first Christmas trees. They were made from goose feathers, which had been dyed, green and wound on to sticks. They were first made in Germany in the 19 th century in order to prevent any more deforestation. They were called ‘minimalist' trees and had small ornaments on them as well. In 1913, the first feather trees came to the United States. They were listed in the Sears, Roebuck and Company catalog.

Modern Trees

A company, which manufactured brushes, is responsible for having made the first artificial Christmas trees. Trees with molded plastic branches became rather popular in the US in 2003. These days you may even stumble upon an upside down Christmas tree, which are advertised with a rather catchy caption; "Give you more space for presents"

Outdoor Trees
Heavy steel wired trees which are placed outside in the lawns have become rather popular in the United States since 2000. Spiral Christmas trees that hang from the central pole were made in 1990's and are the other trees of choice in the US. Many private and public buildings as well as hotels, string up threads of light from the roof upwards to the small tower that forms the top of the building. During the night, the lights are illuminated and they look just like a Christmas tree. To make it look more real, green and other color lights are utilized. Many skyscrapers too follow the same pattern of a Christmas tree made entirely of lights.

Innovative Traders come up with new gimmicks every season, some of which take on and catch the public imagination while others just sizzle away. Whether Artificial trees are better than real Christmas trees cannot be determined, the jury’s still out on that one. The jury's still out on whether artificial Christmas trees are a threat to the environment or not. They are made using PVC, which is essentially a non-recyclable toxic material. A live tree on the other hand can be recycled.

Having said that, should you buy an artificial tree, make sure you adorn it with Christmas lights , Christmas Ornaments and Christmas tree decorations to make it look more realistic and festive.

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