Last Updated: 3rd December, 2019

Christmas Gift Ideas

Christmas is synonymous with gifts - giving and receiving, with sheer joy and festive cheer. Selecting the perfect Christmas gift can be quite a challenge, as mind-boggling options abound. We, at DG are here to help you navigate your journey as you embark on the Christmas Gifting Expedition! So whatever your requirements may be we have just the suggestion when it comes to picking that perfect Christmas present!

Personalized Gifts

Customized Mugs for Family Members

Gift the best Christmas present to your family and friends and make their day special. Send them a wonderful set of customized mugs for family members and make their Christmas memorable. Find the most beautiful mugs and get them customized.

Trendy Jewelry

Teenagers love trendy jewelry, so why not opt for a personalized bracelet or necklace with a pendant that spells her name, or one that opens up with a space for her to place the photos of the ones she holds dearest to her heart.

Custom Wedding Pillows

If it's a newly wed's Christmas gift on your mind, an adorable pair of Custom Wedding Pillows should do the trick! Or else you can choose a snug rug ...something that would fit in well with the home decor.

Vintage Typewriter

A Vintage Typewriter would make the perfect gift for one who loves things old school and works at his or her own pace, unhurried and totally relaxed. Personalizing it for the author would make it all the more special.

Soft Blanket

Babies and Infants get a lot of gifts - personalizing your gift will make it a memorable one. Select a soft blanket for the little one's stroller and have his or her name imprinted on it.

Musical Poetry Frames

A musical present for your friend can be musical poetry frames. These musical poetry frames have beautiful poems written specially for you friend and have their names written on the top and your name on the bottom of the frame. This can be a perfect personalized present for your friend from your side, which can convey your feelings for them in a very elegant manner.

Family Tree Frames

There are unique photo frames available these days and this family tree photo stand is just that. Made from antique zing the tree shaped photo frame hold 10 interchangeable frames which move around in the breeze so you can see all the photos from every conceivable angle. At the center of the frame, there is an engraving plate so you can have the tree personalized for your family. This will make for a great personalized Christmas present for mom. Present her this family tree today with pictures of your entire family on it.


The symbol of timeless elegance, the classic fitting polo shirt with its long sleeves in durable cotton is a great gift. It has all the trademarks of the Ralph Lauren brand right down to the embroidered vintage year on the hem. 100% cotton. Get Dad a personalized Ralph Lauren Shirt today, it's classy, elegant and speaks volumes for the man wearing it.

Pocket Watch

If you are looking for the perfect personalized Christmas present, it doesn't get better than this, This classic stop watch is silver toned and is a perfect racing accessory thanks to the award winning design of the checkered flag made out of genuine black onyx and mother of pearl. This is a true collectible and come with an ornate mahogany box to keep it safe. With his initials engraved on the watch, this is one timeless present of love.

Gift Ideas for Her

Pedestal Jewelry Holder

Choose your favorite pedestal jewelry holder for your girl and gift her happiness this Christmas. She will feel so happy and proud of your thoughtfulness. An exquisite pedestal jewelry holder will not only impress her but also be a perfect gift for her to hold her jewelry in an easy way.

Make your mum's / mum-in-law's or aunt's or grand-mum's Christmas extra warm by picking a Soup n Sandwich Ceramic Duo Tray . It's both cute and convenient!

Most Grand mum's enjoy knitting or crocheting, so why not gift that special Granny a petite looking Yarn-Bowl for her to store her stuff in.

A Dainty pair of Wine glasses with long stems will be just the Christmas present for your wife or girl-friend, being both oh so romantic and festive. Recycled wine bottle candles will also make a very intimate Christmas gift for that special someone in your life.

If it's a gift for a sister, female colleague or college -going daughter/ niece that you are looking for; why not choose a trendy yet ethnic handcrafted Batik Print Sling Bag . It will stand out and attract admiration wherever it's taken :)

Gift Ideas for Mom

Jewelry Box

Females always like jewelry and Christmas ornaments, which they buy on their own. It is better to gift your mother with jewelry and Christmas ornaments this Christmas before she purchases on her own.

Christmas Cake Recipe

A perfect Christmas gift for your homely mother can be a Christmas cake recipe, which will guide to make new Christmas cake in a different manner, which all your family members would like to have and some of its credit will also go to you for such a unique idea.


Gift a dress to your mom this Christmas which she would love to wear. Gift her with a suit, sari or a Christmas dress she would like to wear. Present her this gift before Christmas so that she dresses herself on Christmas wearing your gifted dress.

Handmade Christmas Scenery

Gift your mother with a hand made scenery, which is framed. She will feel very happy to know how much initiate you have taken and spend time to make handmade Christmas scenery to gift her. Keep the theme of the scenery related to Christmas, which can be Christmas bells, Christmas tree, Jesus Christ and other things.

Soft Toys

It is always thought that young girls like soft toys but one might not know that though years pass by but soft toys remain among the favorites of females irrespective of their age. Present your mom with a cute soft toy, which she can keep safe with her.

Kitchenware Items

Mothers are known to be a true inhabitant of kitchen and gifting your mother with kitchenware items will surely make you make her happy this Christmas as your gift shows directly how much you care for your mother.

Hand Made Bags

Present your mom with handmade bags like jute bags, which she would love to carry while visiting different places and feel proud that her children have gifted her with this hand bag.

Gift Ideas for Him

A Shaving Apron

Gift your guy a unique gift this Christmas. Help him trim and shave his beard without the problems of plug hole blocking. The shaving apron will help him in styling his beards in seconds without any difficulty.

Get your dad his very own personalized Whiskey Barrel this Christmas and see how he shows it off to his friends :) Or you can go one step up by gifting him his own Homemade Gin & Tonic Kit. A wooden chiseled Eye -Glass Holder, on the other will be a great utility n decor gift for dad and Grand-pa!

Looking for something for your active husband or boyfriend? Go for a Portable Table Tennis Set. Make his camping night-out's more exciting by gifting him A Golfer's / Hockey Stick inspired BBQ Set. Does your man have green fingers? Then make his garden come alive with seasonal flowers and veggies ; gift him a pack of assorted seeds of your choice .

Gift Ideas for Man

Stellar Ibiza Ride Watch

Even if your man is the proud owner of a pricey, uber-flash watch, he'll want to get an Ibiza Ride around his wrist ASAP, as it displays the time in a completely unique manner. The hours and minutes are displayed by three columns of LED's on this sleek, rectangular sliver. The displays represent the hours, minutes and seconds respectively, may seem a little confusing at first but its fab. So if seven lights are showing in the first column, two in the second and three in the third, it's 7:23. Trust me, it's the latest telling techniques? Regardless, this is one Christmas present he'll totally dig.

Credit Card Camera

Ok, even if your man is not the regular gizmo freak, he's gonna love this little baby, hell, I say every woman's gonna want one as well! Not much thicker than a cheese biscuit (at a staggering 0.5cm), this fun little credit-card sized digital camera has a 0.3Megapixel resolution and 64MB of on-board memory. The best part is that the camera comes with a built in lithium battery that can be recharged easily from your computer. And should you forget to turn off the camera, it has its very own energy saving auto-shutting device that comes into effect within 30 seconds.

Classic Ferrari Experience

Show me a man who will give up the chance to drive a Ferrari and I'll show you a liar! As great as doing a couple of laps in Silverstone are, the experience is enhanced greatly thanks to the Ferrari 308, surely a combination he wont be forgetting for long . The stunning 308 is capable of over 150mph, boasts cornering and handling capabilities that are out of this world and accelerates like nothing he will ever have driven before unless he's Schumacher of course!

Gift Ideas For Children

Kids hold a very special place in our hearts and Christmas time is just another occasion to spoil them :) Books make wonderful and long-lasting gifts , so if you want your Primary school goer to cultivate a habit for life , present him or her with a set of colorfully illustrated story books or a gift coupon / voucher of a popular book store. If your son/nephew is a rough n tough fella, go for a sturdy all terrain Bike or a Camping Kit. If it's a teen-aged girl (daughter/ niece) you could pick a stylish looking neutral hued scarf for her which could complement her outfits.

Homemade Christmas Presents

Christmas Picture Frame

Here's a really cool Christmas gift that you and your kids can make together. Take a trip down to your local crafts store and pick up an inexpensive plastic picture frame. Gather or buy plastic Barbie doll accessories, beads, jigsaw puzzle pieces, scrap booking embellishments and other doo-dads that represent the interests of the recipient. For example, for the gourmet cook, you could use plastic doll cookie sheets and rolling pins. And get some cookbook and baking-themed scrap booking or card-making accessories from the craft store. Using hot glue or glue dots, glue the items around the border of the frame. Then put a special poem or message in the frame. Now you've got a show-stopping homemade Christmas gift without the extravagant price tag. To complete it, fix in a picture of grandpa with the kids and it'll sure be a Christmas present that he'll cherish forever.

Homemade Jewelry Kit

Get a hatbox or another container and place in it everything the girl might need to make her own jewelry and accessories. Some items to consider are beads, jewelry hardware, fake fur and other fabrics, fabric paints, fabric glue, small faux jewels, small mirrors, glitter, leather stripping, pipe cleaners, sequin, elastic strips, magnetic sheet, paints, metal trinkets, and so forth. Craft stores are full of fun ideas for this Christmas gift. You can even go online and print out instructions for making simple jewelry pieces, small purses, magnetic mirrors and more. Any teen girl would love this Christmas present as it would give her the independence to create own unique pieces of jewelry without spending a bomb on it.

Christmas Tool Holder

Use a sturdy cloth that won't unravel or vinyl and fabric glue for the design. Cut a strip of the cloth about 12"X20". You'll also need a piece of half-inch elastic - about 20" long. Using fabric glue, attach one end of the elastic to the center of one end of the cloth. Allow to dry. Measure about two inches then attach that portion of the elastic to that area of the cloth. Continue gluing the elastic down, every two inches, until it reaches the end. The elastic will hold tools in place as Dad or Grandpa roll them up in the cloth. Use a set of Velcro pieces to keep the tool holder closed. To decide where to put the Velcro roll a jacket or something similar up in the tool holder.


Present with home made scarves to all the females so that they can wear on special occasions with their dresses and look beautiful.

Christmas Cakes

Try to make new types of homemade Christmas cakes by taking reference from Christmas cake recipe and present these homemade Christmas cakes to all so that they can remember your homemade Christmas cake and wait for next year Christmas homemade cake.


Christmas is celebrated in the end of December which is the end of a year and gifting with handmade calendars help you wish all the people a merry Christmas and spreading wishes for a happy and prosperous new year.

Unique Christmas Presents

Unique Jewelry

You can gift both girl and boy with unique jewelry this Christmas, which could be a ring, pendant, necklace, bracelet, nose pin and other jewelry, which you can find it as a perfect Christmas gift for Christmas.

Surprise Gift

Try to give a surprise gift to your spouse this Christmas. Book a ticket for a movie and take her for a date this Christmas where you can also go for a candle dinner before going to watch a movie. Utilize this time telling her how special she is for you and make her feel happy with kind of a unique Christmas gift.


All the females love to do shopping and often they ask their husbands to finance their shopping. Take her for a Christmas shopping financing the entire shopping and making her feel happy for what she has always been asking.

Accept The Proposal

If some one has been proposing you since long time and you feel that he is a perfect person for you, then stop thinking about anything else and accept his proposal this Christmas and gift him with unique Christmas present.

Handmade Scenery

Take some initiative and make a handmade scenery yourself to gift others. Also you can try needlework sceneries and after getting over with it get it framed and present it to all those who are special for you.

Home Made Christmas Food

Try to celebrate Christmas in a unique way. Cook delicious Christmas food at your home yourself, serving Christmas wine and Christmas cake also, prepare the arrangements for a candle light dinner on a Christmas table with some soothing music coming across the years and let you and your spouse share this unique ambience together.


To present with unique Christmas gifts to kids the best thing would be to gift them with the games, which they have been asking for a long time. Make this Christmas a remembrance for them by gifting them with games they wanted to have.

Handmade Christmas Wreaths

Try to utilize your Christmas vacations and make hand made Christmas wreaths to present your near and dear ones. They can also use these Christmas wreaths as Christmas centerpiece.

Online Christmas Gifts

If you are at a distance and no one has expected a gift from you, you can seriously surprise people with this unique Christmas gift. You can book an online Christmas gift and send it to the desired place on the desired day wishing a merry Christmas.

Digital Cameras

You can gift digital cameras this Christmas to special people as it will help them to capture some of the memorable moments you have shared together which can be cherished later.