Last Updated: 18th March, 2019

Boyfriend Gift Ideas

Choosing a gift for your boyfriend can be a pretty interesting experience. He deserves a special present, no matter what the occasion is. Since he is your boyfriend, you are sure to know about his taste and preferences. The gifts are a nice way of showing your love for him.Make sure to buy something really special for him.

Before buying the gift, you will have to decide what type of man in your boyfriend. This will help you choose the right gift for him.

Surprise Gifts for Boyfriend

Surprise gifts without any occasion are one of the best ways to express love and care for your beloved. To celebrate the nurturing love you can simply give surprise gifts to your boyfriend. Well, finding a perfect gift for a loving boyfriend is really a daunting task and it becomes more difficult when you need to give a surprise gift to your boyfriend to ease him from the worries of his daily routine. Many questions arise in the mind when one thinks of buying a gift like what would be the best one? How much should you spend or what would be really speculating etc. Don't worry, we are here to help you out as here we have a list of gifts ideas that are ideal for your lovely boyfriend.

A Classic Bathrobe

Make your boyfriend feel loved and cherished by gifting him a Turkish cotton bathrobe. Make him all set for relaxing in style and comfort by giving him this thoughtful gift. This will surely be a pampering one. Don't forget to check that the bathrobe should possess a good texture and have a comfy terry lining.

Travel Map and Tickets

To give an amazing gift to your boyfriend without being melodramatic or cheesy you can simply play a little treasure hunt with him. You can simply plan a weekend getaway with your boo and gift him tickets. Yes, this idea appears shrewd as not only will you get time and attention of your boy, but also a break from the usual monotonous life. Traveling to a new place will cheer him up and your company will serve as an added perk for him.

I Love You Jar

Not all boys are materialistic, some want to see their girl's effort in expressing their love. If your boyfriend belongs to this category, then an 'I love you jar' would be a perfect gift for him. You can make various hand-written slips for him stating the reasons why you love him. Whenever your boyfriend will read a reason he will feel mesmerized to know how much you love him. He is surely going to appreciate the efforts which you will put in expressing your feelings of love and affection towards him.

Oversized beer mug

If your boy loves to party and grab a booze then this is definitely going to be the best pick for him. He is surely going to get amazed because of your thoughtfulness. You can add a note with this oversized beer mug asking him to be careful while drinking, stating that you care for him. He will be overwhelmed to know that you love him and also respect his choices. While writing the note, you can simply add lines like asking him to drink more, enjoy more and love live to its fullest.

Romantic Book

Romance is of various kinds and every guy has his own definition of romance. Some guys like to hang out and party with their girlfriends while some like to spend time at home with them, drinking a hot coffee and reading a book. If your boyfriend is a bibliophile then gifting a romantic book is going to please him for sure. Buying a book for the book-lover is surely a tricky affair but gifting the right book to him is going to intensify his happiness.

Football slippers

Usually, most men are football lovers. They can spend their whole day watching football. If your boy loves watching football too then gifting him a pair of customized football slippers could be a great choice as the football freak is surely going to love it. If your boyfriend is a great fan of any particular player then many other customized presents can be gifted to your sports-lover guy.

Memory book

A relationship is simply a collection of good and bad memories. It passes through various ups and downs and at the end only a true relationship survives. For cherishing the good times spent with your love you can simply create a memory book by assembling all the photos of your love journey. A scrap-book or simply a picture book full of your foremost memories would be one of the most remarkable gifts ever to him. You will be able to live all those good times together again while going through the trail of those memories.

Pizza themed t-shirt

If you and your boyfriend are foodies and love to hang out with each other while having pizza dates then a pizza themed customized t-shirt would served as a pleasing gift for him. Whenever he is going to wear the t-shirt, he is surely going to remember the delicious pizza which you both have eaten together while going on such dates. The t-shirt will make him realize that pizza and you are irresistible delights.

Romantic Boyfriend Gifts Ideas

Gift Basket:

A gift basket of chocolates and cookies is a good idea. You can bake the cookies at home too. This will be all the more touching. Decorate the basket with ribbons .

Bouquet of red rose and card:

A card and a bouquet of red rose can never go wrong as a boyfriend's gift, irrespective of what the occasion is.

Knitted Muffler:

There can be nothing romantic than a handmade item. What about presenting a knitted muffler to your boyfriend? You can have his initials engraved at the bottom of the muffler to make it personalized. This will surely be a pleasant surprise for him. You boyfriend will be touched by the effort, love and thought with which you have made the muffler.

Your Love Story:

If yours a long term relation, then a good and a romantic idea would be to pen down your love story in a diary and gift it to him. Decorate the diary by sticking photos of your memories together and make it look like a fairy tale book. Your boyfriend will surely be touched by the sweet gesture on your part.

Candlelight dinner at his favorite restaurant:

Another good option is to take him out for a candlelight dinner at one of his favorite restaurant. Order all his favorite dishes and see the glitters in his eyes. Make sure you book a quiet corner for the two of you. Decorate the table with a personal card and maybe a bouquet of red rose. A small present can be added as a token of your love for him.

Watch :

If he is someone who has classic style, a silver plated watch would be a good choice.However, the latest trendy watches are ideal for a boyfriend who likes to wear sporty accessories.


Nothing can match the elegance of cufflinks, while one is dressed in formal wear. Get for him an assortment of cufflinks and tie-pins in matching colors.

Unique Boyfriend Gift Ideas

Wine racks:

Choose a rack with contemporary design where you can store more than five bottles at a time. You can select the color matching with his furniture for a classy look.


You can never go wrong with flowers, no matter what the occasion is.

Boyfriend Annivesary Gift Ideas

Anniversary day is largely a recollection of the times you have spent together and it is the perfect occasion to let know your partner how much he/she is loved and cared. Getting the perfect anniversary gift for boyfriend is a challenging experience. However, to get the best gift you need to have some ideas about his field of interests, which will assist you in choosing an ideal gift for him.

Boyfriend anniversary gifts are available in large variety and you will get plenty of options to choose from.

We are here to help you in choosing ideal gifts for boyfriend. Following are some anniversary gift ideas for boyfriend:


T-shirt or a shirt will be a good option. Today, personalized T-shirts are largely in vogue.Most guys are brand conscious. If you have the means to get hold of a branded shirt or a t-shirt, than there can be no better anniversary gift than this.

Cake and cookies:

Why don't you bake a cake for him on the day of your anniversary? Your boyfriend will surely love it. Accompany the cake with a bouquet of red roses and a card with your love messages. You can also bake special chocolate cookies for him.

Bottle of Champagne:

You can also gift a bottle of champagne to him. Bouquet of red roses and anniversary cards accompanied with it will surely work wonder. Get his favorite brand and enjoy the day over a bottle of champagne at some favorite place of yours.

Electronic Gadgets:

Boys world hovers around electronic gadgets. They love to fiddle with new and latest models of cell phones, iPods, laptop, music system etc. Though it may turn out to be an expensive affair it will definitely be one of the most endearing gifts that you can think of gifting your boyfriend, on the occasion of your anniversary.


If your boyfriend loves listening to music, you can present him with a CD of all his favorite songs recorded. Make it more engaging by including personal messages for him at the end of each song. Your boyfriend will surely cherish this gift for years to come.

Birthday Gift Ideas for Boyfriend

Plan something special on his birthday!!! What better way to show your love to your boyfriend than to give him a gift that he will cherish forever? . Ideas on Birthday Gift for Boyfriends Check out ideas on the perfect birthday gift for your boyfriend.

Gift a gadget:

If your boyfriend is a tech gadget lover, you may give him a gadget that he'd love to have. For example, you may get an iPhone and load your boyfriend's favorite songs or your photo in it. Your boyfriend will not only like the iPhone but also love the extra personalized touch.

Cook your boyfriend's favorite meal:

A perfect birthday gift for boyfriends is to prepare their favorite recipes. If your boyfriend loves to eat cakes, bake one for him. Give the cake a special theme that matches your husband's favorite hobby, like golfing or surfing. Your boyfriend will love to cut such a unique cake, more so because you've put a lot of effort into baking it.

Offer a romantic kit to your boyfriend:

A romantic kit is a great birthday gift for boyfriends. You may create a romantic kit yourself or buy one that includes a DVD of a romantic movie.

Spend quality time with your boyfriend:

The best birthday gift for boyfriends is to enjoy quality time with them. You may get two tickets to a sporting event that your boyfriend would love to watch and that you'd love to see with him.