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Boss Gag Gift Ideas

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Planning to gift your boss with something funny? You can surely do it but, you need to consider several factors in mind before you jump at the idea. How close you are with your boss? How easygoing and amiable is your boss? Will the prank hurt his/her sentiments and emotions? Will he/she mind and take it to heart? Make sure all the above questions are answered in a positive light before you contemplate on gifting him/her with something funny. Gag gifts lighten the mood of the office atmosphere. It is definitely a great way to enliven your bossís temperament but, only if he/she has a good sense of humor. Sometimes it becomes very essential to break the serious atmosphere of the office and there can be no better way to do so than with boss gag gifts.
It is not necessary that a special occasion and time is necessary to play your prank on your boss. It can be done at any time especially when the atmosphere gets tensed.
Boss Gag Gifts Ideas:

Following are some of the boss gags gift ideas that are perfect for all kinds of occasion.

Hair Growing Pills: For bossís whose hair is thinning,
there can be no perfect gift than a bottle of hair growing pills.

Funny T-shirts: You can gift your boss with a funny T-shirt that has a funny message stamped on it. Your boss will surely have a hearty laugh at the sight of the funny T-shirt. The message should not hurt the sentiment of your boss. Be diplomatic in your approach to the message. Make it funny, at the same time sensible.

Nerd Glasses: Is your boss very serious but, unfortunately do not possess a nerd glass? A great idea would be to present him/her with a nerd glass that will give him a look of seriousness and will match with the true personality of your boss. At the sight of the nerd glass your boss will surely laugh aloud.

Exploding Lighter and Cigarettes:You can gift your boss with an exploding lighter or a cigarette. Imagine the scene when your boss lights a lighter or a cigarette and there goes a loud bang in the air. It will surely ensue in an atmosphere of fun and laughter in the office.

Shock Calculator: Harmless but, at the same time funny, shock calculator will surely have the office staff down with laughter. The calculator when touched passes harmless ripples of shock through the fingers.
The shock is enough to scare him and it will be a great source of fun and entertainment even though for a fleeting moment.

Shock Pen: You can also present your boss with a shock pen. They work the same way as shock calculator sending torrent of light shock wave through the finger. Your boss will surely be in for a big surprise.

Shock Computer Mouse: Present your boss with a shock computer mouse. Works the same way as shock calculator and shock pen, a shock computer mouse will surely make your shiver with shock. These are harmless and do not cause any serious injury so you do not need to question about its safety.

Funny shape paperweight: There are many funny shape paperweights available in the market today.Gifting your boss with one of these funny paperweights will surely bring a smile on your bossís face. Your boss can place it on his office table. It will serve a dual purpose. Spread smile around while weighting important papers at the same time.

Personalized Coffee Mug: You can have a funny personal message engraved on a coffee mug and gift it to your boss. Make sure the message appears sensible at the same time funny.

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