Last Updated: 15th October, 2020

Boss Gift Ideas

It isn't always easy to find the right gift for an exceptional boss. To decide on a gift idea for your boss, give it some thought. Is this for Christmas, a birthday, Boss' Day, or another occasion? There might be lots of people getting your boss a gift. You will want to get him or her something special, but you'll also want to be sure that he or she will be able to find a use for it.

Think of The Interests of Your Boss

  • Is there a particular food that he/she likes? Does she/he have any hobbies or interests? Do you know of an online or department store where your boss likes to shop? Once you have the answers to these questions, you will be in a much better position to decide on a gift.

  • Talk with your colleagues and find out if all of you would like to chip in and buy something for your boss. Choose a gift that will make him or her feel special. Include a card or a handwritten note along with the gift; such a nice gesture will definitely be appreciated.

  • A gift for your boss does not have to be expensive, but it should still be thoughtful. Desk accessories like paperweights, digital clocks, desktop puzzles or games, and calculators are common choices. Though these are popular gifts, your boss is sure to get some use out of them.

If you're still stumped on what kind of gift to get for your boss, check out some of our ideas below.

Top Boss Gift Ideas


We have often heard a good boss is the one who plans his/her day and makes progress every day. Contribute to the efficiency of your dear boss by gifting him/her a good planner. Look for a perfect planner which has it all. It should be trendy, organized, and should be of an accurate size so that it may easily slip in his/her laptop bag.

Personalized business card holder:

This is something your boss can keep at his/her business or home office. Customize it by having your boss' name or initials engraved on the base.

Beverage warmer:

Whether it's coffee, tea, or cocoa, now your boss can drink his or her favorite beverage at the perfect temperature.

Message paperweight:

Pick out a paperweight for your boss that has an inspiring or humorous message, depending on his or her personality.

Executive memory stick:

Help your boss to have all the most important information with him/her at all times. You can get one that's customized with the boss' name and phone number, in case it ever gets lost.

Boss' Day Gifts

Golf lessons:

A boss who loves going out on the green will be delighted with this gift, which will give him/her more time to spend practicing a favorite sport.

Massage pillows:

Help your boss to relax and rejuvenate with a massage pillow. There's nothing like unwinding with one of these at the end of a hard day.

Wine-tasting kit:

Any boss who enjoys wine, from a connoisseur to a beginner, will be pleased with this gift. Now your boss can enjoy a variety of wines to test their palate!


If you can find out who your boss' favorite film director is, you can buy him or her a collection of their best or lesser-known titles.

Funny Boss Gift Ideas

There are plenty of funny boss gift ideas. But, you have to keep in mind several factors before presenting your boss with something funny. Make sure it does not hurt the sentiments and emotions of your boss. You can consider gifting your boss with something funny, only if you share a very intimate and friendly relation with him/her.

Following are some funny gift ideas for boss:

Funny T-shirts:

You can gift your boss with T-shirts with a funny caption stamped either at the front or at the back.     

Personalized Mug:

You can also incorporate a funny message on a coffee mug. It will surely bring a big grin on the face of your boss.

A giant office accessory:

Another funny option is to gift him/her with a large calculator or maybe a large pen holder. Your boss will surely laugh at the sight of the huge office accessory. Nevertheless, it will surely brighten his/her mood and uplift the otherwise silent atmosphere of the office.

Funny Neck tie:

Neck tie are available in various designs but, how about gifting your boss with a neck tie that has some funny message engraved?

Female gift ideas for boss:

Gifts are a reflection of the messages, which you had always wanted to impart. Selecting female boss gifts is not a daunting task as it appears to be. With ample knowledge of her personality, hobbies and area of interest, you can definitely get the best, out of the array of gifts that are displayed.


Perfumes are close to the hearts of most women. You can either get her choice of perfume or introduce a new one for her.

Designer Bags:

You can get a designer bag for your female boss. They are available in intricate designs and styles that are contemporary. It will not only be a useful gift option but, something which will be treasured by her for years to come.


If your boss has a craze for jewelry presenting her with a unique set will be a great idea. You will get designer jewelry in different designs and styles. You can get them jewelry in precious and semi-precious stones. Pearls are generally considered the best option when it comes to presenting jewelry to your boss.

Bouquet of flower and card:

Fit for all occasion, a bouquet of flower and an expressive card can never turn out be a wrong choice. They are the bearer of million messages and communicate amply your gratitude for your boss.

Cook Book:

If your boss loves cooking, presenting her with the latest cook book is a great choice.


You can get dress materials for her, which she can stitch in her own designs by her favorite tailor. They are great gift options which will impress your boss.

Male Boss Gift Ideas

A special occasion has arrived and you want to gift your male boss with a unique gift.

Whether for festive or formal occasion, birthdays or anniversary; selecting gifts for your male boss can often turn out to be a troublesome affair. But, if you have ample knowledge about the taste and interests of your boss you can easily get hold of the perfect gift for him. For male boss gifts you will get range of gift options before you.

Given below are some of the gift ideas for male boss:


An essential item, which is carried daily, wallets are great gift options for a male boss. If the wallet of your boss is worn out, presenting him with a branded wallet will surely please him.      


Books are great gift options but, you need to be careful while choosing a book. Make sure you do not get the copy of the book which he already posses. Keep an eye on his library and on his interests and keep track of the book he prefers to read next.

Wine and Champagne:

On any occasion, gifting a bottle of wine and champagne will never wrong. So, if your boss has a particular flavor of his choice gifting him with that flavor will surely surprise him.

Accessories for his office table:

An office table requires myriad accessories for various official purposes. An office table is usually laden with calculator, pen-holder, electronic diary, file holder, paper weight, electronic golf swing trainer, leather desktop catchall and others.


Wrist watch is great gift item and presenting your boss with a branded watch will surely please him. Wrist watch is available in different designs and styles.